Ben Johnson - 100m Zurich 1987

caused from greater taper and more Massage therapy?

From the final taper and another year of PBs but mot more therapy- he had just as much then

did ben have long legs? wasn’t he 5’8 or something.

Grab them hre:

86 Zurich
88 Zurich
with replays of 86 and 87


you can rip the DVD onto your PC, and then use a video editing tool to get the clips you want

then you will have to upload to a site or a server for people to download the file. You can use youtube for streaming stuff, or something like megaupload to have the full file

Thanks los!

Thank you…that’s amazing…unfortunately the track has not many recognizable points to calculate speed…but wow, waht a gap…who was the white beast n the lane before ben?

Here’s the result:

10.03 Johnson
10.22 Imoh
10.25 Lewis
10.25 Smith
10.27 Christie
10.29 Woronin

2 nights later, Imoh would run 10.00 with a +1 wind, so you can imagine how fast Ben was running!

2 great performances but the thing most impressive was ben’s self control on the blocks in 1987
very impressive

He looked Huge as well.