Ask Ato...Good stuff

I agree, great athlete, I like the hell out of him, seems to have a pretty fun personality and all.

But he is pretty self absorbed, and seems to do anything to show his greatness.

Some of his stuff on the HSI videos is of great quality, including a discussion of the execution of the 100m step by step. It was posted here not long ago as I remember and I highly recommend it.
Also his commentary on TV is far less opinionated than Carol Lewis and he brings a sense of excitement to events regardless of what he posts on his own site.

I’m pretty sure for the most part the train with Ato was correct. It had his perceived effort, his times, weights, etc.

He was very forth coming with it and honest I believe. In fact I think the only reason it stopped was because John Smith asked him to stop. In fact I am pretty sure Ato confrimed that actually.

I’ll post everything I have from the Train with Ato section. I think I got the majority of it.

I do have the whole thing (13 pages of dense printouts I think) and I entered all the training data into a word document grouped by weeks so you can see the training better. I have supplied a copy to all that asked for it and supplied an email address (document is to big to paste into a PM) and will continue to do so.

But you cannot post much of Ato’s stuff here wihout possibly getting Charlie in trouble due to internet fair use rules. A sample workout here or there, but not literally cut and paste, so you have to use PM/email to share whole documents.

I have found a lot of Ato’s information useful, including the video that Charlie mentioned above. There is actually a series of HSI videos that someone put on youtube and all are worth seeing. There are 6 HSI videos which you can find in you do a search.

He doesn’t have an obligation to post ANYTHING on the internet. You should thank your lucky stars that the guy even responds once in a while.

Actually he does blinky, anyone worth his salt that puts a site up with his name better haul major ass to keep his brand in tack.

Call it a brand obligation, Ato’s site has since fallen into obsecurity.


I was thinking the same thing, just slightly differently, ie, the site used to be good, but, if he dont have time to keep the “brand ATO” in check, perhaps close a lot of it down?
The guy could make a fortune if he wanted, DVD’s, books, on-line coaching etc. If he upgraded his site that is - but that would be full time work for him, i dont think he has the time?

LOL…Why should I thank my lucky stars when its HIS website!? All i’m saying is that he gave an open forum (Ask Ato) to ask questions…and he didn’t. Simple. I’m not bitter! I’ve wiped the tears and moved on… :wink:

I still log on and have a read now and again because he has a lot to say…not always what I agree with, but he puts across a good case in an articulate way. Sorry if offended any Ato fans. :cool:

Good example, it’s the old retired man’s tragedy - think about it: once you were out there, always able to snatch a medal and then you see the new generation coming and suddenly you find yourself not even top ten any more. That hurts. In other sports like soccer, boxing etc. you could argue like “We were still better then, because…”, but in athletics you have these damn exact numbers, a 9.86 is a 9.86 and not 9.85 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some take it with dignity (and contribute by becoming trainers :wink: ), some start to re-calculate top-lists, start to make up different statistics etc.
Actually a very comic tragedy…

And that’s exactly my problem with the tips he gave - some were complete contradictions. As long as he just plainly published Smiths stuff the information he gave was very valuable…no matter if one fully agrees with it or not.

Oh yeah. I aint knocking him except when the spin saga goes on. My personality is very similar with regard to aging although I am still below 30. I hate to lose. I just hope I could keep it to myself a little more. Most all the sprinters seem to have this personality though and few keep it to themselves. MJ, Carl, Ato to lesser degree.