Asafa talking WR

I think Tyson has some of the biggest glutes in sprinting.

Is it online?

Yeah. Diamond League site. I can’t find the link at the moment.

Follow the “Athlete Chat” link from the Diamond League homepage. The link to the Tyson Gay interview is here:

Probably clean numbers should be like 255…or it’s the first time I hear of a snatch and a clean being the same.

ummm pause and say…no homo!

A double psoas injury is probably the result of squatting as i can’t imagine doing that running.

Lance Brauman told me that gay hurt himself doing weights at 19 years old and didn’t do them for a few years after that. He recently started again which has helped but i’m not sure of the details.

Absolutely, and especially in regarding the ratio to his general size. Ofcourse we have to look at the proportions of sprinters to see if we can find patters. Conversely, Usain Bolt does not appear to have big glutes compared to the rest of his general size. (I wonder if that is illusion, and he allways wears his running vest on the outside of his shorts, so his vest hangs over his hips a bit, making it a little more difficult to analyse his physique.)

The gluteals are very important and strong gluteal function helps the psoas to also have great function when you run. There is a bio-mechanical relationship between the glutes and psoas.

Tyson Gay has great gluteal developement, yet he gets his psoas injured, which is strange to me.

I have noticed that Tyson Gay doesn’t have the best (theoryetical) timing of leg fold. He seems to butt kick (from behind) a lot, rather than whipping ‘under.’ I wonder if that could be tied in with some of his psoas problems.

Then again, his lower legs are so skinny, no wonder his feet fly upwards VERY quickly - as soon as his feet leave the ground.

tysons impulse during ground contact looks very long and aggressive during slow mo and regular speed, but he could handle it. From the side on slow mo it seems like his limbs undergo the craziest eccentric movement at ground contact witnessed in history. At regular speed it looks long but blurred such that the butt kicking occurs. 8I like to think of this as the elastic suck contact. As its been known to suck up everyone as of late not known as bolt.