Asafa pulls out the win. JA nat champs

A very rare video of asafa getting beat out da blocks.


The two fastest men of last year (Carter and Gay) will not be at the World Champs this year!

that was a close finish but times seemed very very slow comparing to a few weeks ago…hmmmm

Yea it was slow but it was a neg 1.8 plus they had been dropping under 10 during the rounds.

Yea carter wasnt ready yet. But you never know somebody could get hurt plus he will still be on that gold medal relay they will have. As for gay…very very strange. First he pulls out then his training partner pulls out of the final. Things that make you go hmmmmmm!

Asafa dug in deep right through to the line? I cannot remember the last time i have seen such a race from him? Could be an interesting year for him finally

Who’s his training partner? I knew but forgot.

Travis padgett