Asafa & Confidence

After watching, I am even more convinced that his failures to perform in big meets in 07 and 08 were due to lack of physical preparation, rather than psychological issues. Looking at the video, it looks like Asafa is pretty damn certain he’s going to medal. Even with his injury issues, he could feel he was ready to run.

He got the same medal he did in 2007. He would have even gotten a silver in 2007 if he ran through the tape.

I think you are right. Uhh, I look over lots of articles and I remember reading an article where Asafa said it himself that lining up next to Bolt is a huge distraction. He said it’s hard to focus on the start when you have somebody like Bolt next to you…

haha, there is an easy solution for this but… it’s a secret.

An old pro runners secret, stable mates don’t line up in a race side by side. As if it would be a breeze to be next to the ice man.:slight_smile:

The handicapper knows how to coach. Gerry Thomas GRHS(deceased) said Josh Ross could be the best athlete Australia has seen ““and I have seen the best so far””.

The coaches are peaking their athletes for a competition, in a lot of cases it is the Stawell Gift. The prizemoney is usually pooled to pay for the trip, the comps are merely a different place to train and to learn to handle pressure at comps. The macro cycle in the program determines the speed at which the athlete runs -75%. A stablemate who is slower is to run at 90% and the aim is to pressure the slower runner yet have him still finish in front. If an athlete gets a rush of blood the comment is usually, do as I say or leave.

The handicapper sometimes gets in the way and at random set an athlete up for a win.

Anyway what I am getting at is Powell and Bolt should arrange it so they are not in lanes next to each other at a big comp. Who is going to slap their wrist, there is no handicapper.