[Article] Planning and programming of training in sport games

After 1.5 year, I finally got a inspiration to write another training manifesto regarding the topic I was contemplating a lot lately and on which I plan to write a book one day. I needed time, and my brain needed processing time to sort the thing out.
Contrary to my previous articles, this was going to go into series. I think it is going to be in three parts. I think, but who knows.

Part 1

Please share your comments and questions. And expect 2nd part in couple of days.

Good article, when’s part 2 coming…

Ufff… I really don’t know… when I get my muse back :stuck_out_tongue:

You should be at Real Madrid duxx.

Or… With the England team.

Your wasted.

It takes time… one day… who knows :slight_smile: Thanks

If I was at a top 10 club in Europe, I would certainly single you out for employment for the clubs backroom staff.

Remember me one day when you become :slight_smile:


I’m working on it.

Is good Prowler for improvening Sprint in player of soccer?

It is good to make people puke… :rolleyes:

when’s part 2 coming…