Another football player who thinks he can beat bolt.

With a 6.8 60 he not beating anyone who makes it to ncaa’s muchs less bolt. Dilusional

Desmond Howard and espn crew thinks he can beat bolt over 40yds on grass.

Oh so they want a handicapped race? Waste of fucking time. THey both know how to run on a track in spikes. Spike it up. And they may as well throw chris johnson and his 10.3 in the race…how bout they challenge demps to a race first.

In Beijing, Bolt hit 30m in 3.62 and 40m in 4.49. Converting to 40 yards using linear interpolation (40 yards = 36.576 meters), this equates to a 4.19 40 yard dash. I already took out his reaction time here. But you have to remember that at the combine, the clock is manually started. This means that the guy on the clock has to react to the runner’s first movement. So subtract something in the area of 0.1 to 0.15 from this time and you get a 40 time of around 4.04-4.09 for Bolt. I’m not sure what an appropriate track to grass conversion would be, but Chris Johnson’s 4.24 seems to be a way off from what Bolt threw down in '08. These guys are delusional.

The really funny part is never once has espn or any news station brought in one track guy to explain what the difference is. I mean the pro’s on espn dont know the difference in gun reaction compared to move when you ready. I always took the forty with a grain of salt. I only respect 55, 60, 100 meter times. Those are true measures of speed.


Still, in breaking down Bolt’s 20-meter splits, ESPN track reporter Larry Rawson said on radio that the Jamaican’s 40 time would probably break four seconds:

Forty yards, if he was being hand-timed by a scout and reacting to his movement—not electronically timed the way they do it [in track and field]—his 40-yard dash on a track, in spikes, would be 3.73 seconds.