Angela Issajenko

Whoo WHOO! Just ordered Angela Issajenko book Running Risks. Paid 97 cents for it on!

I never read her book so I can’t wait to see what she says.

There are 5 more copies left at 97 cents for you guys that want to look into it.

One question, does anybody know if Ms. Coon wrote a book?

angelas book is a great read and ill just leave it at that!

Running Risks is a good read!

I read it after reading Charlie’s SPEED Trap (a long time ago).

It was interesting… Didn’t consider it a keeper though.

Great book… also check out “Inside Track”… Carl Lewis’ view.

^^ Will do.

Angela’s book is GREAT !!! I’ve read it more than once.

What is it called? On Amazon I only can find speed trap and Mrs Issajenkos book.

Ha, looks like 3 people bought up Mrs Issajenkos books on Amazon.

Sorry I meant Angella Issajenko’s book… :slight_smile:

Running Risks is a very good book. It complements Speed Trap rather well. Since Charlie’s relationship with Angella features so prominently in Speed Trap, it was nice to read about the other side of that friendship.

This is a good book! Angella was very detailed, and it’s really sad she had to endure such pain and injury throughout her sporting career. I’m guessing her supporting structure had such a hard time keeping up with her advanced strength.

And what was also interesting is when she talked about the differences between US coaches and Canadian coaches. She said in the US, coaches are more militant and give orders like a drill sergeant, but in Canada, there is more of a relationship and the coaches are more close with their athletes.

I know I’m late to the party, but it was very interesting to read that the short training sprints Ben did were formed around his demeanor which was lazy and laid back. I have read somewhere before that people who come off lazy, often figure out a better or more efficient way of doing things.

I do consider myself lazy, or laid back, but I object to the negative connotation that goes along with the word as if I’m not productive. I’m definitely a productive person, however, I try and think were I wish to spend my life energy unlike others who are all over the place.

My copy arrived today. Thanks for the heads up 100!

Let us know how you like it.

I could relate with so many things in that book. Not that I have anything to do with Angella’s level of competition, but psychologically-wise (training obsessions, tunnel vision, coach devotion, etc), I almost feel I would have been the spit image of her as an athlete, if the opportunities had been there.

It certainly painted a somewhat different picture of what was going on with the club, Charlie and Ben that’s for sure compared to Speed Trap. I did like the directness of it all.