Alex Nelson for GB 4x1

Leevan is older than alex! Leevan was born in Feb 88? Alex March 21st 88!

Loughbrough Intl Relay practise, the whole junior team picked up an injury! Alex ankle, leevan hamstring, funmi hamstring, danny doyley hip!

I guess no one was ready to run fast. If you are going to do that you’d better warn the coaches 3 months in advance so the athlete’s can be ready.

All outcomes have a solution if they do poor well the team is in developmental stages. If they do well “it’s I told you so” - planning for the future.

Maris I did not say Rikki is consistent with the baton and better than Abeyie, I have heard that Khamel does not rate simeon and fifton relay skills (despite the fact that they have all being going to the practise fro atleast 2 years.

Maris there is no sub for SPEED and yes fifton didnt make the final of the 3 A’s if he and Simoen had done the 100m then they would have been in the top 5, no worries.
It is a travesty that Simeaon is not there 10.10sec or fifton with 10.20, please I dont care what you say you can forgive the skills for that kind of speed.

As for the relay set up I read that most of those guys got injured as they were made to run FLAT out the day before they raced. Thats is crazy but i suppose when you are dealing with people that dont care about individual development and perf then you should not be suprised.

Incidently Rikki ran his 10.20 in Geneva and that is a suspect track. A lot of people seem to run fast there and then never really match it. His next best is the 10.28.

Remember, the Americans run their times in conditions much better than most Brits get at home and don’t equal them most times in Europe. If it’s a good track- then get there!!

You can’t successfuly warn people in advance that you intend to do something stupid and expect to have a different outcome- unless the potential victims band together and change the methods!!
1:Two days in a row can be done- but no meet at the end!!
You can do a meet first after a few hand-offs in practice beforehand and follow up with short hand-offs the following day.
2: There’s just no substitute for meet experience! That way the team runs when the athletes are ready and the full speed work is in a tolerable amount. At least 5 tries would be optimal and they need to be in good conditions wherever possible. This requires cooperation between European nations.

Sorry, I screwed up and edited instead of replying! My apologies as I cut some out!

Haha. Never mind. I think I was putting forward Tim’s case as an equal to Rikki, based upon Tim’s consistent 10.2’s in the early part of 2006 and that he had not focussed on the 100 this year, but had managed a 10.34 and a 10.35. Not to slight Rikki at all-just don’t see how Rikki can be considered ahead of Tim.

Yes.I wasn’t picking sides, only making the case for good conditions.

I am not putting a case forward for RIkki. If you read my posts I have also talk about Simeon and his injustice. It seems you know this Tim guys personally. But you are quoting times from 2006. My understanding is that Tim has ben part of the relay set up for a while and but his performances has been inconsistent. This same last year that you were talking about, am right in saying Tim went to the British trials top 2 in both event and left not finishing in the top 3?
As a fan I dont have a problem with both athlete but I know enough to know that the issues these guys have has been with the perception of the relay coach and who he favours. And I still maintain if Rikki or Simeon have been the 100m trails they would not have been beaten by more than 2/3 athletes in the 100 and deduced from that what you want.

Also the issue of Geneva is a non starter did you not say earlier that fifton ran 10.28 in the UK last week. Findlay and Baptistest ran well in that race as well and they have gone on to run close to their time that day. In my opinion if fifton had a season of 100 instead of going back to his favorite event - 200, i think he would have ran well.As for the relay, I feel from what I have read from on this thread its a disgrace making these guys run ton of runs days from there own competition just for them not to then be picked becos there was a guys that ran well in 2004…what nonsense

Yeah I know. Was just filling in the bit that had been deleted.Would be interesting to note the people that run at Geneva and how the rest of their season compares to it. I can think of Rkki and Andrew Steele this year, and Dwayne Grant last year. Ran better times in Geneva than elsewhere, and significantly!

Interesting Thread. Maris playing the bad cop for once! hahaha…ok on the subject of Geneva…Unless you actually run on that track or have been there on the day that these races are run you couldnt possibly know what its like. Having raced at that meet 2 years in a row now I for one can tell you that the track is fast and also the weather is HOT. I’m talking roasting bro!! Added to fact that you get two runs and good competion…I think its a little unfair to say that the track is suspect just because quick times are run there. The same was said for Loughborough when Pickering ran 10.22 and he backed it up. Leon Baptiste ran 20.86 in Geneva and went to another meet in Europe and bettered that time. Simone Collio ran 10.26 there and went on to run 10.1x at another meet in europe.

Simone Collio ran 10.26 there and went on to run 10.1x at another meet in europe.

Collio SB & PB was set in Rome during Golden gala, 10"19. but there’ a very great condition. During Ginevre meeting there were a lot of italian national team. verdecchia run 10"28 (PB and is 2° fastest time this year is 10"41), la mastra
10"28 (2° time is 10"34, but runs also in 10"6x area), riparelli set his PB with 10"25 (but also for him, 2° best time was 10"38)…

Are you saying that there is a case for doubtful timing Des? :eek: :rolleyes:

Maris, I am back,

Backing times up does not mean you run faster than the time in question. So are you saying those boys should all run faster than their times in Geneva. Apart from the example that JassonUK gave i think some one like Steele and have back it up by running around the same times and winning a lot of races, Fifton I think has done the same running 10.28.

So you expect Tyson Gay to run faster than 9.86? MLF fastest time is still 10.19 from Early June (subject to him running faster in Osaka).
The ability to keep on running faster as the season progresses is down to training ( which is why you have sites like this for people to discuss HOW and WHY) and a number of other factors. As an athlete (which I suppose you are) you would know that. For me not backing up time is been 3, 4 or 5 tenth away from the time in question.

As for the relay (which is what all the post have been about) I think that the fastest 6 athletes shoould be pick. That would also give people like Ryan Scott a chance.

I agree Rikki would have been looked at better by the selectors had he run 100s this year. I also think Tim has made the same mistake, based upon his bend in Glasgow and what I have seen of him training wise and he has had a hamstring issue since before Zagreb which is his season’s best performance. I am in no way taking anything away from Rikki, just putting my case forward for Tim. Yes, I do know him, but I think my arguments are based on fact, not just that he’s my friend.

I think Simeon would have been right up there in the AAA yes, top 3 or 4. I think it may have been more difficult for Rikki to beat the likes of Tyrone and Jason on that day-but that’s just personal opinion. I think it is ridiculous too how people are getting selected for the relay based on what they did a couple of seasons back, despite having shown no form this year and racing very little! Agree 100%!

Regarding Geneva I just notice a lot of good performances come from there, so it doesn’t necessarily suggest people who run well there are going to match those performances elsewhere, and the Worlds are not in Geneva. I also think at that level, the jump from 10.20 to 10.28, which was run after the selection date, is fairly dramatic due to the number of other people running around those times. There are several Brits running in the 10.2s.

I think Ryan has a little way to go to proving himself in the relay set up as he didn’t final at the European u23s or World Students, and although has clocked a 10.28-9??? has been more consistently in the 10.4s. However, he and Craig could do practice in their own sessions.

I think I am on the same page as Slowspeed, that the relay team they have taken is not the best it could be. The selectors have their favourites and that’s not helping the situation. I merely just reacted to the fact that Tim was highlighted as inconsistent in his baton skills, and I don’t think that’s ever been shown to my knowledge. What I will say is he does tend to open up his season quicker than he finishes it, this year that has been due to injury and last year there was a reason for it also, which makes it a little understandable why the selectors don’t favour him. I think the selectors are keen to take athletes who are on funding already as they risk looking stupid throwing money at these athletes who then don’t make the team. This makes it difficult for athletes like Tim (no UKA support) and Rikki (little/no support) to break through. UKA places all it’s hopes on a couple of youngsters, and people that ran there best 3-4 years ago in terms of funding and selection, and I think that’s the problem.

I don’t know, in italy somebody think so… for me it’s only a strange situation that so much sprinters set their SB or their PB in the same race…


Points Eloquently put across,

I cant say more than that.

Thank you, never meant to start an argument. Definitely interesting to getting people’s viewpoints on the British sprint scene though, cos the average fan seems to know more than the selectors!! Ha

Well, the average fan knows more than the selectors/coaches/managers in all sports everywhere! :smiley: