acid / base balance

I’ve been working on the idea of basing my hard or easy workloads on my acid / base balance.

Easily tested with litmus paper. Place a bit of spit on finger n dip n test.
Ideal is 7.4, so slightly base.

If Ph is under 7, I’ll only do an aerobic workload, and be super careful not to enter the La+ zone. This means no weights too.

Under 6.4 and I’ll take one teaspoon of bicarb before aerobic workout. This helps convert the acids into a reaction that allows you blow out through the lungs, more carbon dioxide, which removes the acids asap.

If Ph is 7 or higher, a harder workout is planned, and weights can be done.

Minerals are helping big time in stabilizing the Ph.
Liquid minerals (colloidal or sea minerals)

A fairly natural diet helps too, meat n fruit n veggie.

So far, seems to be working nicely.

Sorry, but it’s quakery… the ph of your saliva or urine has nothing to do with your blood ph… I have read about this in the past. your blood ph is VERY stable and steady, if not, you have something seriously wrong…

I didnt say it did.

Bold, I’m interested in this concept. I understand Rich121’s skepticism also, as I have a family member who is a huge fan of drinking elevated PH water (like he has a dispenser that elevates the PH to anywhere from 7 to 11) and he is rather fanatical about it. I don’t truly understand the underlying theory, but am interested in exploring it further. Can you recommend any further reading on the subject?

What interests me is the idea that if your blood PH is even slightly off, the body may rebalance by leeching minerals from elsewhere in the body. Though this may not show up on a blood PH test as Rich stated, I am interested in investigating. My athlete has repeatedly been advised to take a magnesium supplement to combat tightness issues, and I wonder if this is somehow all related.

I came to that conclusion because there are those who purport acid/base balance of the blood through the testing of saliva and urine, which is basicly a scam to sell or promote something.

I am also curious about what you are doing and the processes in the body that would make difference in your workouts?

How different do you feel, perform, etc. when following such a plan?

Here is a good article:

and another

It can be hard getting a point across in forum mode, articles or books or face to face are always easier…

Blood is always very stable, unless you’re nearly dead…

Urine testing, really all you’re testing here is how much acid you’re removing from the body.

Saliva, is more systematic, eg, plasma, lymph fluids etc. The human body is, or should be close to 70-80 percent water, and blood is only a small section of that.

No, naturally, this, saliva, is only checking a section of how the body is holding up. (against acids) , it’s just a tool, and it’s up to your interpreted meaning if you find benefit.

I test most of my clients. Some more often than others.
With my client base, I have noticed this,
100% with neutral or slightly base saliva improve physically on a regular basis a Lot faster than those between 6 and 6.8.
Those under 6, rarely improve.

I see time and again, those who used to be under 6, who finally become neutral for most of time, their physical improvements skyrocket.

There are tons of medical articles out there, on how certain enzymes only perform in a narrow window.
Some need acid (like your stomach to digest meats)
All of these articles talked about medical issues (that I’ve so far found)

So, I thought, if Ph is that vital, how will it effect training? So far, I can’t find any articles on Ph and training,.
(I’m sure there probably is?)

My theory, is if medical people view Ph of certain functions is vital, naturapaths talk of Ph and health, then surely Ph and faster training and recovery from workouts is naturally on the cards.

So far, all observational data confirms this.
If the state or federal gov gives me a grant, I’ll do proper double blind scientific studies (just don’t hold your breath…)

If stuff works, I’ll run with it, if it turns out it’s coincidental to something else, and is bogus, I’ll drop it.

One client, training for yrs
Never improving like he should. In fact, hardly at all.
Over the last 2 months, I’ve increased his top speed by at least 5km/hr (he was super slow) and he can now finish 1hr sessions all at good effort, instead of only 20min.
The only difference,
Measuring Ph, started at 5.5 or below 2 months ago
We got him onto magnesium minerals
We got him into bicarb before sessions (only 1 tablespoon done 1x week)
And lots of cupping.
The cupping always pulls out Lots of toxins in him. Not always the same spot, but always from somewhere and it’s always a lot (compared to others)
His Ph is now 7.

Hi Bold,

My athlete went to see Dr. Scappaticci for some acupuncture and ART treatment this week, and he was adamant about a particular magnesium-calcium formulation. I know where it’s sold, and as soon as I purchase it I’ll let you know the brand. Scap and the other chiropractors that work in the same office are very particular about the brand / formulation. I’ll ask more questions the next time we head down there, but the parallels between what you are doing and what was recommended to us are interesting.

Interesting… I misunderstood your post and should have asked questions before assuming what you were talking about.

Keep the posts up, as I’m also quite interested and may try this too.

This article, got me thinking about the Acid/base balance.

Many other articles i have found, esp medical articles - all talk about how the system (not the blood) becomes acidic during disease.

No full article will ever give you everything you need to know about a subject. More just a glimpse

It’s interesting that you found a very simple test to help your clients achieve greater success in their training.

One thing i’ve noticed over the months - is since incorporating Epsom Salt baths, or Magnesium Sulphate - Is my acid/base is much more stable. It really feels like the magnesium diffuses into your system really really well.
I use two cups of Epsom salts, very hot bath for 15-20min then a quick rinse off. Sometimes, a nap or sleep is needed right afterwards.

I try for at least 2 a week, sometimes 3.

Could it be the ‘ormus’ in the salt that is enabling your recovery process.
This dude speaking in the video(barry carter), talks about a ‘live oil’(grape seed oil, celtic sea salt, essential oils - combined), concocted by a lady at 1:09:00, that which seemingly healed his wrist tendonitis.

Gee - that was a boring audio…
I won’t go into ormus - never heard of it.
But celtic sea salt - isn’t simply Sodium chloride, it’s full of up to 84 other minerals. This has a huge bearing on what happens inside your cells.
Put simply - it will stop the dehydration of cells, stop the bloating of the extracelluar fluid (outside of cells). Then guess what, your “tendinitis” will start to feel better.

Cells need Salts - in balance. Not just a heavy dose of Sodium chloride.

Regarding the ormus, it sounds like a more powerful form of ‘native american indian medicine’. It may be known that the native american first nations long ago(couple centuries back) had what was known as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ medicine. Basically if one used said ‘concocted medicine’ for negative intentions/purpose on another it would work, however the medicine would eventually come back and nip you in da behind negatively as well(if not you, your family or descendants receive the wrath).

Maybe proponents of this ormus would call it
‘modernized chemistry’ or even ‘modern day alchemy’. It sounds like more new age/dark age ISH upon further investigation.

-this dude talks of the ormus substance being in the air, water, and concentrated in varying degrees in different substances.

-their is a few ‘modern day native american medicine elders’ whose mantra is: “don’t work too
hard”; “don’t breathe too hard/heavy”; “don’t yell if possible”; “don’t let your offspring cry for long(or at all if possible)”; “do just enough to get by”; “their is something in the air”

-Its pretty tough to not do any of the aforementioned lol
-heres a radioshow discussion with victor conte by joe rogan(ufc commentator)

-at 1:31:00 they begin talking about fighters being dehydrated and at 1:33:45 some talk about sea salts and hydration
-victor conte style for supplementing with celtic sea salt for mma fighters and boxers regarding rehydration: 1/4 teaspoon. celtic sea salt per 16 oz. of water twice in the day after cutting weight to make their respective fighting weight.

Warning: their is some discussion at various segments throughout the vid that throws quite a few people under the bus, so to speak.