A Throwers Training Journal

Wednesday: Special Endurance

Javelin (~8 throws)
Long Jump

4x30m runways w/ popups
6 landings
1x350m @ 46s
1x4 hurdle hops

Weights: Maintenance 4x2
Mid Thigh Pull 350
Power Snatch 135
Bent over row/Upright Row
Glute Ham

*My technique for javelin has definitely improved, but there are very specific things that I need to work on like staying behind the block and keeping my leg straight. Long jump we moved back to an 8-step and my running mechanics improved a lot, I feel more smooth approaching the board and could pop-up more effectively. My landing still needs some work.

Thursday: Tempo

Pool tempo
Stretch + Ice

*Busy day. Feel fine, shoulders a little sore. Going to get some discus and high jump practice tomorrow then vault and high jump on saturday

Friday: Light Speed

HJ Approach

2x30m blocks

Partial Squat 2x2

*Did not do military press, shoulders feeling a little sore right now presumably from bad vault mechanics. Blocks went very well and HJ approach is getting more consistent. I think tomorrow’s competition will go well as long as the weather warms up a little bit. Plan on eating well tonight and taking it easy, then competing at 12 tomorrow.


Pole Vault: 8ft
High Jump: 5’8’’

The vault was a little rough, didn’t get into any sort of rhythm after the first jump and had trouble maintaining any sort of technique at the next height. The vault will unfortunately cost me some points, but I believe I can get a bit higher at conference.
High jump was an improvement. I am looking and feeling more consistent at higher heights, I believe that I can clear 6ft soon, or 5’10’’.
At this point it’s all javelin and hurdle prep for the decathlon. It starts Thursday morning early right after the open javelin, which luckily is the very first event of the meet. I am already nervous and excited about performing, I am currently ranked 3rd in the conference and would love to move up at conference to 1st. With a new javelin ready (60m nemeth) I think I am ready to bust out some big throws.

Returned to gym early and did military press:
2x3 @ 90% maintenance weight
core circuit and cooldown/tempo

Monday: Speed


2x30m over 1 hurdle
3x~50m over 4 hurdles

3xfull tempo throws with javelin

*Hurdles went very well today, after 1 mistake over the first hurdle I had a lot of success thinking “attack” at each hurdle. Had the first hurdle @ 39in and then the rest at 36in and it was very smooth (comparatively). Im excited now for the 110’s because I have some experience now going over multiple hurdles.
Javelin was good, had a throw at 60m that was not really technically sound, (I generally never throw very far in practice), and was able to work on some aspects of my throw. I am confident that I can go over 65m at this meet.
Time to rest and take care of nutrition and hydration, lots of vitamins and good food, ice, rest, etc. Feeling good for conference!

Tuesday: Light Core

Shot Put

2x20/30 Core exercises

Threw about 3-4 throws a piece for shot and discus, just to get the feeling. Feeling very fresh now, spent a long time with light stretching and then sat in the cold tank for 10min. Eating lots of good food and taking vitamins as well as hydrating. Very focused on my events. I plan on PR’ing first in open javelin, and then having many personal bests in the decathlon and scoring 6000+. I believe that physically and mentally I’m in a good position to do so, just going to put things in motion and execute what we have practiced so far this season. Won’t have access to computer so next time I post will be POST-Conference with results.



Lots of results from this weekend:

Open Javelin: 64.57m (4th place & PR)

Decathlon: 5510 (9th place)

  • 100m: 11.75
  • Long Jump: 5.78m
  • Shot Put: 12.18m
  • High Jump: 1.75m
  • 400m: 54.00
  • 110HH: 23.18**
  • Discus: 37.82m
  • Pole Vault: 3.21m
  • Javelin: 61.75m
  • 1500m: 5:07.16

100m Relay: 43.30

**The 110HH cost me 7th-8th place. I had a poor race and did not execute, having to stop in order to not crash and then 5 stepping the rest. I should have the ability to go 18-19s in the hurdles and possibly 7th or 8th. Very disappointed there.

The javelin went well, I threw 7 times this weekend over 60m including the PR of 64.57m, currently 25th in the East Region. Disappointingly this only placed me in 4th, less than a meter away from the podium. Motivation for next year.

My first decathlon was exhausting. It challenged me in many ways that I had not fully prepared for, but it was an amazing experience overall. In this year alone I have gotten to compete in 10 new events and have a new appreciation for track and field as a whole. Everything about the sport is demanding physically and mentally, and it’s always amazing to have a supportive team including great coaches who allowed me to compete in new events. This was my 3rd outdoor conference meet and by far my favorite; I got a chance to watch almost everyone on my team compete at their best, and made new friends on other teams. Overall, besides the hurdles and the javelin placing, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend of track and field.

And now, approximately 6 weeks until regionals. My shoulder is very sore from this weekend, I feel like I may have tweaked it a bit from the vault/javelin combo so I’m going to take a week off from throwing. I’m going to push the weights for maybe a week and then begin another period of maintenance before competing at Ohio State and then at NC A&T for regionals. I am very excited to compete at a high level and expect more improvements as I begin to work on mechanics again. I still believe I have 70m in me this year, just have to keep my arm healthy and get my steps down correctly.

I have the next day or two off from training to recover from the weekend, going to do some light core work and maybe some pool or bike tempo. Until then I have begun analyzing what I need to do to throw 70m this year, beginning with an effective block.
Based on video analysis and javelin technique research I need to begin to work on getting my left foot down quicker. Until now I have been so concerned about turning my right side that I have begun sitting on my right too long, causing my center of mass to shift over to the left, making it impossible to effectively extend my left and block. By stepping quickly, I should be able to hit a low block and use my upper body technique to sling the jav over 70m, especially with a longer approach. Talking to some javelin coaches I should be able to add around 50ft to my farthest throw with an effective block/approach. This should put me well over 75m, but I don’t expect things to come together all at once, so 70m first.

Also, my goals for next year in terms of the decathlon:
100m: <11.6
Long Jump: >6.10m
Shot Put: >13.00m
High Jump: >1.80m
400m: <53.5
110HH: <19.00
Discus: >40.00m
Pole Vault: >3.5m
Javelin: >70m
1500m: >5:00.00m

Total Score: >6300pts

I believe that these goals are all attainable within a year, and some I will definitely surpass before then. My focus will remain with the javelin, but if I am confident of winning the javelin at conference next year, I believe that scoring in multiple events will be a huge asset for my team. I would like to be an effective member of a 4x100m team as well, and hopefully can focus on my speed.

All that out of the way, it’s javelin time. Less than 6 weeks until regionals and I have to hit 70+m to go to Nationals, so I’m focused on making that happen. Here we go.

Another day off, tomorrow begins the training again at 5x5 for weights. I’m excited to get back into preparing for competition even though its only been three days. I have a lot of motivation right now and a lot of supportive people surrounding me so I want to make big things happen this year. I believe that I am fully capable of bigger throws very soon and as I progress I plan on achieving more and more.
I’m shooting for the Olympic trials for next year. I would like to throw high 70s- low 80s by the end of next year and with a lot of technical work and devotion, I will make it happen. We recently had a speech by an Olympic Trials marathon runner who said that even though she wasn’t a natural at running, she made it her purpose to compete in the Trials. I have that same mindset now and believe that there is nothing that will stop me from competing at the highest level possible. So from now on…
Olympics 2012.

Wednesday: Speed

4x30m HS
1x60m HS
2x10/5 medball stand throws
2x5 toss for height
2x3 double hop into pit

Weights: 5x5 @ 80-82.5%

Back Squat: 215
Push Jerk: 154
Incline Bench (3x5): 190
DB Bench (3x5): 140, 150, 150

Stretch and iced shoulder. Feels good to get back into some weights, my squats felt a bit heavy but from my numbers this should be the right weight. I figure that I have been away from volume for so long that I’m just not used to it. Wanted to keep 5x5 for the benches, but coach convinced me not to and I’m glad I didn’t. I feel like I ended up getting a lot out of the jerks didn’t really need extra front delt/chest soreness. Shoulder is still a bit sore, ready for throwing but will wait until next week.

Push jerk 154
DB bench 140, 150, 150 right?

Correct, changed. 75 + 75… missed that one

Friday: Speed/Special Endurance

Javelin technical work:
Worked on my run-up. Got to be consistent with my marks, but still lacking a full block. Getting closer, but still pushing through the block and bending my knee. I have a lot more speed and hopefully can transfer that into a big throw as long as I maintain positioning.

Weights (morning) 5x5 @ 82.5%:

Mid Thigh Pull: 245
Hang Clean: 155
RDL: 190
Upright Row: 95

Sprints (afternoon):
3x30 (HS, 3point, pushup)
1x150 (3point)

2x10 3step medball throws
2x5 Toss For Height
2x3 Double Hop into Pit

*Shoulder is feeling better. Still some motions aggravate it more, but been icing, taking ibuprofen, and doing tubing exercises for the rotator cuff. Been taking in lots of calories and trying to put on some mass quickly before regionals. 5 weeks remaining.

Saturday: General Fitness

2k tempo

Core exercises

Rotator cuff exercises and ice/ibuprofen

Monday: Speed


2x10 one step throws w 2lb medball
2x5 TFH 10lb
2x3 double hop into pit

Weights: 3x5 @ 82.5%
Back Squat
Push Jerk
Incline Bench

Wednesday: Speed


2x10 3 step two hand throws 2lb
2x5 TFH 8lb
2x3 double hop into pit

Weights: 3x5 @ 85%
MTP 285
Hang Clean 185
RDL 200
pullups 3x5

**shoulder hasn’t improved much, believe it is tendonitis based so may move away from overhead movements for awhile. Pain in range of motion above the head, worse at night and morning. Been icing, taking ibuprofen/celebrex, and does not feel much improved. 12 days out at this point.

Friday: Speed


2x5 TFH 8lb
2x3 double hop into pit

Weights: 3x5 @ 75%
Back Squat 205
Incline DB Press 130
DB Bench 150

*Still limited on my range of motion so had to cut out some lifts and keep the sprints submaximal. Shoulder feels better today, slowly improving again so hopefully will be ready to start some light tosses in 2 weeks. Working on footwork all the while to make sure I’m ready for regionals if I get okay’d.

Saturday: Technique

Runway tech
Light tosses

Snatch Grip Pull 3x5 @ 205
Pullups 3x5
Reverse Hypers 3x12

*Able to throw with elbow and wrist overhead, so tossed around the new javelin on the field. Worked on footwork in the runup and got some lifting in, mostly technical work on the pulls. Continuing to feel improvement in my shoulder.

What rotational exercises do you do???..

By this I think you mean rotator cuff exercises? I do some band/tubing exercises with my elbow at a 90 degree angle. High reps daily, 3x20 per exercise 2-3 times a day. 4-5 exercises.
A bit of light stretching and massage as well as anti-inflammatory medicine.

Monday: Speed

Javelin Runway technique
Ball throws (3step and stand)

4x30m sprints, 1x60m
2x5 Toss for height
2x3 Double Hop into pit

Weights: 3x3 @ 90-95%
Back Squat 275
Incline DB Press 150
DB Bench 160