60m training

2 days ago - Gym closed and played golf until dark so no training.

sets of 4,3,2,1 reps of 40m hill run
bulgarian squats
7@ 26kg,30kg,35kg

gym ball hamstring extension, 3x8
back extensions, 8,8@20kg, 8@25kg
abs and static

Since none of the sprint guys are getting back to you, I’ll throw my 2 cents in and if I say something out of line maybe I’ll get corrected; either way you’ll get some help.

For the 60m, your early acceleration is going to be just as important, if not more important, than your max speed, even though you are probably hitting max speed earlier in the race than many on this board.

Having said that, I would suggest a lot of acceleration work. You might consider doing some of the accels on hills and sleds.

Also, since you’re over weight, I would continue with GPP style training until you are in better condition. Along with weights, do the med balls, hills, stadiums, sled pulls and extensive tempo. If your diet is right, you will lose the weight and harden up, and the better conditioning alone will improve your times.

I agree with star61, the acceleration phase will be very important to develop first. But you seem to be doing a fair amount of hill and short accels. He is probably suggesting to keep a high emphasis on this well into SPP. Probably a good idea. I think the transfer of having a higher acceleration to max V is greater at that level then the transfer from max V to acceleration.

I would personally do squats 2x/week over the bulgarians. I just think some higher general strength in the squat will help develop the initial accel better.

If you don’t plan on competing over 60m, then I would save that day for more accels. Develop that first before moving on to SE for outdoors perhaps.

I’m also noticing that you do things 2 days in a row, as in 60m hills then more hills the next day. This is probably ok for a gpp setup, but I would steer clear of this going into SPP.

Thanks Guys, i appreciate the help!

I do like bulgarians, but i’ll alternate them with squat. Maybe 1x each a week.

Also im trying to do hills, 30m accel’s and 30m flying sprint on every other day. If i have done them on simultaneous days then it was mainly down to facilities.

Can someone help me with progression?
In weights we just use the standard 4week block progression. Incr each week for 3 weeks then back off on wk 4 before starting a new shift wk5-8. But how do you do this in sprinting? I can’t just say to myself, im running faster each week for 3 weeks, and then 1 down week?

Adding to Syrus’s good observations, keep in mind that until you’re running a bit faster, it is unlikely you will tax your CNS too much, especially at the lower volumes you’re using. However if you feel the need for a brief deload, simply drop your volume by about half, maintaining intensity on each rep. One other thing; while you’re working on work capacity and general fitness, the longer hills are great. But I think you’re probably not doing them all at 100%. To really work on improving acceleration, include some shorter work on the hills, 20-30m, that you do at 100%.

In terms of progressions, for what you’re doing you can simply increase volume over time, then as your fitness and speed improve, begin reducing volume (# of reps) as you lengthen your accel distances out to 60m. Generally speaking, your sprint volume can run between 240m and 360m per session, depending on the level of intensity (highest intensity sessions should be of slightly lower volume, lower intensity fitness sessions can be slightly higher).

Thanks again Star and Syrus!
Just to give some of my previous. While im no sprinter, I’m not a couch potato either. I play rugby to quite a high level and this training is to supplement my sport aswell as being an interest of mine.

I’ve clocked a 4.3 30m FAT in runners, and a 32" vertical jump. At my level, these arent bad times. Im not the fastest, but im far from the slowest

Anyway, my problem has always been that I’ve focused on 30/40m, nothing longer. So I really break down after that.

Under 4s for 30m and 8sec for 60m would be my most immediate goals again.

Now to tonight
800m warmup
abs and stretches
3x3x30m flying sprints. Felt ok

2x4,3,2, broad jumps

squat - 5@60,5@100,2x5@120kg
box jumps - 5@32",5@40",5@44"
DB press- 2x6@28kg
Chins and dips
Abs and core

Can anyone help with progression in a GPP program?
How is progress measured?
I’ve no idea how to improve/up intensity, bar just run more sprints (of whatever nature - hill, flying, accels)

In terms of GPP progression, I typically see it as a period to improve strength, acceleration and fitness. Progressing from a high rep 10-20m accels to lower rep 30-40m seems to be a fairly logical step before attempting to develop max velocity. Chances are the 30-40m accels will develop max velocity capabilities as is.

The intensification also comes when you’ve progressed acceleration to a certain level. This will naturally intensify the acceleration work but also allow you to stress the CNS over the 40-60m segment since anaerobic energy is more readily available and your acceleration begins to push past 30m+.

So again going back to what Star said, the focus on acceleration work and subsequent improvements is the intensification you are looking for. Improvements in strength and power type activities will therefore help to intensify these components as well at your level.

Once at the acceleration level where a certain intensity and work capacity has been achieved you could then be confident that the pre-requisite intensification is present to stimulate max velocity. Until you’ve reached that level, this type of work is probably best.

Another observation from your training, the volume of fly’s is quite high (9x30m fly). If you are able to make it through this workout without having to take a week off, then it indicates to me that your acceleration capabilities need to be intensified further. Look for improvements in 30m time, vertical and squat as indications of your cns capacity.

Thanks, that all makes sense…

Im definitely not taxing myself overly with the workload. I suppose im just not fast enough at all, at all yet…

Yesterday, was 4,2,1 reps of hills - 40m
I cut one set due to snow, and that the hill was frozen solid

This am…
800m warmup
Abs, core, dynamic warmup
2 sets of 3 30m flying sprints. Felt as fast as usual (for me)
Double leg bounds

Weight room.
Squats alternating with box jump
5@60kg, 5 jumps at ~25"
5@100kg, 5 jumps at ~36"
5@120kg, 5 jumps at ~40"
5@125kg, 5 jumps at ~40"
3@130kg, 3 jumps at ~40"

Lots of ham curls with medball - LOVE THEM!!!

Abs and static stretch. Im really gunning for a front splits. Im like a concrete man in terms of flexibility, so something must be done

Must video sprint session - this w’end.
Also measure boxes and video squat for depth.
140 felt nice, but im unsure of depth

Weighed 89kg this am. :frowning: Bad sh!t :frowning: Have to get to 82
Dexa scan for Body fat on Thurs hopefully.
I did one last June and was 21%.

Soccer this afternoon for an hour should help knock in back in shape
Now back to the books!
Learning all about the thyroid this week
Very interesting!

Ok so no training since bar 5 a side soccer for an hour. Delighted to be able to sprint past the guys easily. They’re not quick but at least it’s a start

Coming down with a bit of a flu, comes with the territory in college it seems. Going to take today off bar some stretching and play golf tomorrow and should hopefully be ok to sprint on Thursday…

Count down is on for Jan 19 when we head off skiing to Austria… Cant wait!

What happened to Gaelic Football (or was it hurling?) :confused:

Have you read through your old journal or posts? There was some useful stuff there i recall.

Re GPP the best investment regardless of sport is

Ha ha! Hi John! How are you?

I still play Hurling but that for the summer, rugby for the winter!
I still have my old GPP dvd. Its excellent, must watch again soon.

At the moment im beginning a GPP phase and it was going very well until this Monday when i got the flu… Just about better. I wont train again til Friday id say though

Still recovering from my flu.
Went to gym last night. 800m jog and static stretching. Feeling better again today but still not 100%.
Golf tomorrow and austria in 4 days for skiing - cant wait!

Flu 99% gone! :slight_smile:

Golf was a washout this am, only played 9
4,3,2,1 at 40m

5@ 60,100,120,130,100
Box jumps - 3x5@40"
bulgarians - 8 each leg at 26kg db’s, 32.5kg dbs
ham curl with gym ball - 3x8 each leg
Static stretch and core

Felt kind-of powerful for the first time in a long time, esp on the box jumps. Its a start i suppose.

My quest to do both and side splits will take time, and be quiet sore i think! :frowning:

Meant to do flying sprints today, but track was full of stoopid spectators watching crappy soccer :frowning:

And Munster were playing - mistimed my training :frowning:
So did about 15 mins and went home…
3 days to Austria!

Weight this am was 186lbs. Another 10lbs to go only :slight_smile:
Abs are starting to become visible again for the 1st time in 3 years ish.
Today im taking part in a study to guage knee flex and ext power. Also going to dexa scan and a few other things. Looking forward to it.
Only training will be 1 hour indoor soccer.

1st Hurling training of the year tomorrow and then Skiing for a week - where i’ll be doing no training whatsoever! :slight_smile:

Just back from Skiing - Weight back up to over 193lbs :frowning:
Great week though!!!

Today was hills
40m 4,3,2,1

Yesterday played soccer for 1 hour,
Then squat - 5@60,2x5@100
Core and static stratch

Going to do more weights tonight i think

Hills yesterday, with upper body weights
30m fly sprints with lower body squats today.

Im feeling much much faster these days, but my weight is still over 88kg.
5kg to lose.

My right knee is just about right again now after a skiing injury

Havent posted in a while, busy with college etc.
Still tipping away with training. Squatting and hill sprints are going well. Frist time in a long time im actually spriting past players :slight_smile:

On saturday im going to train with a sprint gorup - something i should have done 5 years ago. Cant wait!

Not organised with training the last week or so.
Started back yesterday.
Video session. My god im horribly inflexible in the quads!!! I cant get my ankle over support knee at all… :frowning: