6/4 clermont tgay fastest time in world.


more to come. I was down on the track and my boy recorded. Wish I had it would have been better quality. I will be uploading the other races i recorded soon.


Bledman 9.93 final


B final. I think it was a 10.30 for the win for robin edwards. mike leblanc is also in the race


padget prelim. 10.00

Certainly sounds like a lot more wind out there then +1.1m/s. I’d love to see who is checking the wind guage. Perhaps this is why the earlier meet record wasn’t ratified.

It was a swirling wind. coming from every direction. the first womens heat had a 4.0 wind the the third had a 2. they took about 10 mins between the mens and womens race. It was a middle aged man on the wind gauge. But either way you saw what mullins ran at this meet and then you saw what he ran last week and yesterday.

the track is slightly short its either 98 or 99 meters cant remember

Please provide the source of your mis information. Any facts would be welcomed.

I have no facts, just what I was told from someone. It may very well not be true. Maybe I wiill measure it next weekend as I will be helping out with be helping out with the long jump

Don’t embarrass yourself. I could understand if 11 flat guys went and ran 10.3. U have 9.9 sprinters running 9.9 and 10 flat.

Wouldn’t be the first time a good time was declared null and void due to a short track. I believe Tim Montgomery had a sub-10 time taken from him due to a mis-measured 100m distance.

I dont believe im embarassing myself, I was simply stating what i was told from someone I would consider to be reputable. It could certainly be a bunch of crap, I understand how fast they are. Even if the track was a tiny bit short the times would still be fast. I am not trying to discount anyone’s speed.

I remember that, wasn’t it only like 1inch short also?

Not sure, but nobody wants to ever get caught one-inch short! :o

Pj will be doing an analysis of the gay and the bledman races. Ill post em when I get em.

Can anyone post full results from this competition? Tyson ran 9.79 and a lot of people doubt about this race (trackandfieldnews forum). I bet Tyson will run 9.7+ in New York this Saturday. And the track is short? :smiley: come on…

lol well the results are up yet. should be on http://www.usantc.com/all_results.php when ready.
The really funny part will be the fact that gay will not be anywhere on the results. His coach had his time not posted on the results at the meet. so I dont know if they will be on the final. I asked him why gays results werent on there he gave me a funny answer but i think they were trying to keep it hush. like that was possible.

As for all the skeptics. Everyone that has run fast on this track has duplicated it at other meets this year, so why people are still questioning the validty of the meet is beyond me.

Would the fact that there is nothing giving a reaction from the blocks make any times ran invalid?

I know for a fact that every iaaf certified meet does not have block reactions.

Foot carry over the support knee. Foot lands almost directly beneath. Forward body lean. 5 meter stride!