2nd Year College Short Sprinter Journal

I could potentially have lat tightness, as I actualyl have trouble shoulder pressing because to get my arms to push straight up with majoraly arching my back is very difficult for me, and if I just hang from a pull up bar I get a major stretch

do you really think the forearm is contributing much? and i assume if the chain of tension goes from left elg to right back it passes diagonally across the core? and any tfl strech recommendations?

watched some video, and if i try to keep my knee in any closer to my midline in the back swing, it has to manuever itself out when the other leg swings by it forward to prevent my ankle from hitting my opposit calf because of the curvature in my lower leg. it looks quite awkward, i think relaxation and whatever goes on from my hips is the best cueing plan, and i can try stretching new areas to add some mobility

The nerve that goes up the arm into the neck is tense. The tension in my neck travels down my back.

I’m not sure if the phrase ‘conditioning leads technique’ is one that I heard or one that I made up. Basically, the technical flaws you develop are often caused by the condition of your body, not some quirk of coordination. As such, the key to solving the problem lies in fixing the condition of your body first…

ahh, and i’ve heard that too. as people get faster from training, technique will often get better, flaws may disappear with new fitness/strength/flexibility

-have been noticing in the mirror at the gym lately that, while still not bulky or mscular at all, i’ve definitely developed at least a little tone in my calves, and my lower legs are starting to have a much more “dense” appearance to them. this along with the much improved hip height I have now i think are good signs for my elasticity/leg stiffness


full warm-up
7/27 lift
5xhill runs (hill by school, ~120m)

30’ basketball
full warm-up
human flag
3x stair run
3xshort,steep hill start
3xfootball field striders



full warm-up
2x5xhill run (~80-100m, short walk in between reps)
7/30 lift

-got time of a 10m fly from a section of my build ups in the warm-up, and it was well under 1s. finally, my top speed is getting over 10 m/s. strides look very elastic, hip height is great and stride length has increased with less overstriding. If I can come through 30m in 4s, plus reaction time of .2, I just need to average .97s per 10m from there on out to go sub 11. I think this is very attainable


full warm-up
7/31 lift


-stuff really feels like it is starting to come together. mobility is increasing, I think from the circuits and daily warm-up exercises, knee lift is up higher and heel recovery, while still a bit higher than preferable, is not too excessive. it is definitely minimized when I just let my legs go through the motions instead of really trying to push forward at the start. This definitely makes sens in my mind, because the folding action of the leg would occur when the foot continues to travel backwards but the knee starts to come forward, so when force is applied more parallel to the body (which it can be with a forward lean), the foot would have less momentum going perpendicular to the knee’s motion and therefore would swing back less




full warm-up

lift 8/2
jump rope

5xhill sprints (~100m, hillando dr. hill)


full warm-up

lift 8/3




full warm-up
flip and human flag check
3xstair run
3xsteep short hill sprint
3x120 yd build up (grass)



full warm-up
lift 8/6
15’ bike




-olympic lift form improving. not rushing the deadlift portion as bad, using more legs/less back, so im scraping my shins/knees more often and at the “pop” it will knick my thighs now
-thought of less cycling in the first few steps, and heel recovery back to a bit better. its really only not great on my second step, but I think blocks will help it




full warm-up

5xhill sprints (~150+m)

8/7 lift


-did much better rep-wise in the gym than I usually do (lifts at 70% of max for today, usually cant make 5 or more reps easily at anything above 65% of my max)
-starts feel fast and fluid, transition natural and top speed i feel like I am running “over, not on, the ground”. initial exit angle sometimes feels too high, but I think this is a result of coming out of a 3 pt, so my shin angles in my starting stance have to be more vertical. having blocks I think will fix this


stretch & self-massage


off (disney world)


functional warm-up

-wanted a week to make sure I go into team training fresh. thought a good time to do this would be during my disney trip
-did a premeet because I plan on doing some testing the next couple days, and since I had been inactive from intense activities, wanted to loosen up
-heading back to college on thursday and classes/team practice starts on next wednesday. I will do some more testing, and loosen up the day before practice begins, but I will take the week easy to settle in. I’ve been working hard this summer, and really dont want t overtrain so i’m going into practice as fresh as I can, especially because I believe I am in pretty excellent shape already, so any regressions would not be a huge deal


weigh-in -> 148 lbs

functional warm-up
(plyo testing)
sbj: 100", 106", 103"
vertical: 33", 35", 36"
10’ rest

full warm-up
30 standing: 3.83, 3.76, 4.00
30m fly: 3.23, 3.12, 3
500m: 1:27

-30m standing is 2 pt stance, from my first movement to chest crossing the finish timed by frame from video. 30m fly is the same thing except when my chest enters the zone and exits. 500m I just timed with a wristwatch
-though i’m pretty positive that I was running faster than ever, i’m a bit wary of the times because I was having extreme difficulty in finding the end of the 30m standing zone and the start of the 30m fly zone. I used the same spot to mark it, so one set of the times is probably a bit high and the other a bit low. the pretty extremetme variation also surprised me and might have to do with sloppy video
-came through the end of the 500m still in a sprint for the first time ever, though took it out very cautiously hence the poor time. I’m just happy I kept tall. I’m sure with comp I’ll run much faster
-sbj disappointing, vertical the usual, and felt great during the sprints. made sure to float and relax in the flys, and felt smooth in the accels
-i’m weighing a lean 148. my bf is about the lowest its ever been in my life, and my muscularity looks to be at about my highest, probably thanks to the low bf%, but they also just staright size wise are a bit larger, as I can tell by the fit of my clothes


max clean: fail at 255
max squat to parallel: fail at 375
situps in 60s: 56

-testing from about a week ago. taking a whole week off from lifting probably hurt my numbers. threw on the ratios I want to hit this fall. the clean’s pull got to a good enough height, and I’m almost certain that I can full front squat 255, but I was too scared to get underneath it. usually dont lit with very heavy weights anymore. squat fail was kind of miserable. could control it on the way down but really had nothing for the way back up. in the situps fatigue set in quick
-have done a couple workouts, bu mostly resting this past week or so. first practice today, will update wth numbers or videos or anything useful when i come about them


-adding some abs in each day after practice. most kids do and I think some added core fitness would be good for me
-talked to the coach and because of how hard I can throw a baseball and that I was cracking 160s with pretty minimal experience in jav, I will start doing some crosstraining with the jav kids and if it looks like I have more potential there than sprinting, then he’ll switch me. in one sense I’m psyched because I think I could really be good. in another I wonder what the effects on my sprint training will be and still hope to turn out a good time at some point because I’ve worked so hard at it


-jav slowly starting to come together. getting the hang of blocking the front leg, but still having a lot of release issues. I either never turn my wrist and the jav cmes out like a curveball, or I get the wrist squared, but then the jav comes out a bit sideways from my hand and my forearm stiffens up
-able to do my run up at a fast speed now. once I get jav spikes and am comfortable with my block, my run-up will be a huge addition
-sprinting still feeling good. I’m positive I’m faster than ever, but the question is, by how much? I’ll see at testing next week


-starting to feel a bit of shoulder soreness from the javelin throwing. coach’s limiting my intensity and quantity to watch out for this, but continuing to work on mechanics
-have to straighten out my release on the jav, I always pull it through and arc, like throwing a baseball
-ran a pretty fast 200 the other day. running upright did not feel good. I tightened up at first, then when I relaxed I was too tired to really tell how things were going. feeling a bit slower than I did coming into the school year. Maybe a couple light days of running and good sleep will do it
-testing next week. I hope to do well enough that I am still trained as a sprinter. I like throwing jav, but I like racing, too


testing (took place past Wednesday and Thursday):

weight: 150 (my scale), 145 (weigh-in)
crunches in 60s: 61
30m standing: 3.94
30m fly: 3.47
500m: 1:18

vertical: 35"
clean: 3x235 (250+ max)
squat: 3x340 (365+ max)
sit & reach: 37 cm

-disappointed by the running times, but nonetheless, clearly faster than at this point last year. I think I’m overthinking past 10m, as I’m very fast over that and it feels automatic, but I feel like anything past the start is forced. maybe the drills we do are enough and I can just run without thinking about mechanics at all, and will just cue something when a coach explicitly tells me to
-30m fly times are always slow, only one person has ever gone sub 3, and even a 10.2 runner on the team only ran 3.02. 3.2s and below means you are sub 11
-tied the team record for vertical jump, we actually tested it combine style this year. probably could’ve gone 3’ plus if I wasn’t so roasted from testing the day before
-hit my 1.7xbw and 2.5xbw ratios for clean and squat. means I just need to keep doing what I’m doing in the weight rom

Coach has switched me to the thowing group to concentrate on javelin

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