2012 Men's Olympic 100m Final!!!!

Meh, he should’ve ran both. I don’t see him beating the big 3

Who is the 3rd member of the big 3 group? Bolt/Blake/ ?

the 200 is gonna be epic…
i actually think blake has more SE and will come back against bolt

I couldn’t agree more Boldwarrior! Also he looked quite shocked after 9,90 semifinal run as he saw that he does not have much left for the final.

if gay can stay healthy and get another winter under him, i see him being a major challenge for gold at the worlds imo

Whatever they’re doing down there in Florida has consistently injured him to the point where he can’t race regularly, and apparently he is still in pain when training. It’s always going to be a struggle for him to train injury free it seems. Makes it pretty tough to run fast when you have so few races under your belt! Hopefully they sort it out finally and keep him running.

Wally baby!

That 9.6 backup with that 200 was the beginning of his problems. Now he may be like asafa with the never ending injury

Not the coaching - Gay haven’t been the same since the trails in 08…

From the examples I have seen it is setup similar to a John Smith plan (a good thing), but with more volume.


Meh, I don’t see the 200 being that interesting. Bolt is gonna win in a near WR or WR time, Blake is gonna be trailing not that far behind and 3rd place will be someone in the area of 19.8x (the only 3 capable of that are Spearmon, Martina and LeMaitre). The level of competition in the 200 is a MASSIVE drop-off from the 100.

True, but “whatever they’re doing down there in FL” also got him to the point of running 9.6. It’s not fair to imply he’s injured caused of poor coaching. Clearly Lance and whoever else has been helping Tyson know what they are doing.

On Jimson’s site there is a Lance interview. Training examples are typed out.

“GLEN MILLS” is a great coach, height don’t really matter, proved it with Yohan, 6’5" to 5’11"
Love to see their annual training schedule