2012 Men's Olympic 100m Final!!!!

Definitely BEST RACE EVER!!

I don’t see Usain getting out faster - that was a fast start for him.
Gatlin did a supreme job.

Great race. I was personally looking to see it Bolt, Gay and Powell. Nothing against Blake just would have liked to see Powell and Gay in the medals this time out

9.80 doesn’t even get a medal. Saw the results online, haven’t watched it yet. I assume Powell got injured. If he had been healthy, this would have been an all sub-10 final. For all practical purposes it was, since we know a healthy Powell can do it easily. Unreal.

I have a feeling Powell tweaked something in the Semi, and made it worse out of the blocks.

I was hoping Gay and Powell would medal, but realisitically didn’t think Powell would.

Yea I wanted asafa to go 9.5 and drop the mic. I think all those sub 10 races are getting him.

Gay needed more race

Even with the stumble asafa was still in front of gay.

What a race…best ever no doubt! It’s too bad about Asafa, he was looking decent until he “tweaked” whatever it was that slowed him down.

200m should also be incredible! I am really rooting for the Frenchman, LeMaitre to medal!

why wasnt lemaitre in the 100? I heard kim collins got screwed over also.

I thought the frenchman made the 100m…

I believe his coach felt he should focus on the 200.

Good choice…

200 Money makers
1: bolt
2: blake
3: spearmon goof ball

4x100 - Usa to win gold…

LeMaitre and his coach wanted to focus on the 200m since he has a greater chance to medal. I think he had 10th best time in the world for the 100m this year while having the 4th best time in the 200m.

On another note, I’m also very impressed with the Belgian Borlee twins in the 400m dash! They’ve both run in the mid 44’s and remind me of the buzz created by the Harrison twins a decade ago. Being a twin myself I am always psyched to see twins doing well! They (and their younger sister who also sprints) are coached by their father who was also a sprinter. I wonder what kind of training they subscribe to? L-S or S-L?

I’m interested in the Borlees also. I noticed they ran faster in the qualifying rounds than in the semi, and one of them at least ran a PB in the qualifier. I wonder if this means they went too hard to early and will be too tight for the final…I guess only time will tell.

Gay was never in the running - yet somehow missed 3rd by “nothing”
Reason - he “looks” like he just finished Spp1 - his body does not have that Cut up look you get from SE runs later in the season.

If he plans it right - keeps injury free - Gay will drop a big bomb next summer.

Meh, he should’ve ran both. I don’t see him beating the big 3

Who is the 3rd member of the big 3 group? Bolt/Blake/ ?

the 200 is gonna be epic…
i actually think blake has more SE and will come back against bolt

I couldn’t agree more Boldwarrior! Also he looked quite shocked after 9,90 semifinal run as he saw that he does not have much left for the final.

if gay can stay healthy and get another winter under him, i see him being a major challenge for gold at the worlds imo