2011 Combine

Looks like it was ok that Julio didn’t know what an A skip was…

Does anyone know what Noel Devine’s performances were? I’ve looked all over the internet and kind find them.

Didn’t participate. Don’t know why. My guess is injury.

Noel has been injured all season. Dont know what kinda training they have goin on at wv but he hasnt been able to do anything all season. Such a great talent. I hope he can get right in the nfl.

I believe he was training with Deion’s group.

It’s hard to believe that Julio had a broken foot at the combine.

That guy is a freak. Going to be a good NFL receiver. Size, speed, swagger.

A little birdie told me Julio was supposed to run track for Bama. He’s a 26 ft long jumper and also a high jumper. He was told by the higher ups for football that he’s not running track.

Saban has let them do both in the past. He may not have gotten Julio had he said no. That was his first big class at Bama. Julio chose wisely however.

I think all those “speed camps” working for 3-4 weeks with the players gets all the merit, but in reality, do almost nothing…maybe some recovery and tweaking of technique in some drills like 5-10-5.
The merits should go to the S&C staff at the university where the players spent 4 years, and maybe the personal trainer some gys have since high school.

Maybe it should go to the talented athletes because in most cases the SC fuck up things.

I wonder if Ingram was messed up by going to the SonicBoom Speed folks in NOLA. I wasn’t fast anyway but I figured he would get better than 4.6

Bama fucked him up and all the weight gain, the guy ran 10ish in high school.

fucked him up? He won the heisman

Bama didn’t fuck him up like hanging at Chuck’s every Tuesday night did. ALL YEAR long. Rumor was he was borderline alchy. They rock stars in T-town.

I’m from Alabama and ran at the state meet 2 years that Julio competed, and he jumped 24’s. When did he jump 26? and he high jumped?..

Hey im just the messenger. I heard the conversation over the phone. And yes Ingram did run in the 10’s for the 100. I hear alot of these wanna be speed camps pay high profile athletes to come to there facility to train so they can use there name.

Does any one remember last year starting technique of Cj Spiller?
the opposit hand…in front of the shoulder, insted of back to give a swing?Off course he lost time to have a more natural motion…also, back leg straight???
The gurus have to be proud…( CJ off course didn’t know how to start…having run 10"22 and sub 6"60…)


That was about a 15m drive phase…