2010-2011 55m Training

The first muscles to contract during any movement of the arm and legs begins in the inner core muscles. The stronger the core, the higher the extremities can contract. Obviously you strengthen them as much or as little as you want.

Gymnasts & athletes have “well”? developed inner/outer cores (probably more so gymnasts). But they ain’t got nothing on many grandmaster martial artists.

There illegal.

Rory Delap will show how its supposed to be done from the throw in line.

are flip throws really illegal? under what rules? fifa? or all? and yeah, delaps a freak


Delap use to be Javelin champion.

The real record.

Rory Delap served as the inspiration for Danny Brooks, a PE teacher from West Yorkshire who currently holds the world record for the longest throw-in. Brooks teaches at Brooksbank School Sports College in Elland. The record currently stands at 49.78 metres (163 ft).

The flip throw-in could actually be legal, but its never seen in International, Premiership or European football, seems to be an American thing.

haha, i already read that article. but considering people can throw a ball while upright (like Delap) all the way to the box, it’s pretty much pointless to do the flip throw in a game because of how inaccurate it would tend to be

wed july 7

warm up jog
3 build ups (grass)
stretch checks
on track w/ spikes:
2 build ups to top speed r: 3 min
3x100m r: 5 min

stationary bike warm up
a. bb biceps curls 3x10,8,8@65,70
a. skull crushers 3x10,8,8@60,65
b. leg curls 3x10,8,8@130,140
b. bentover raise 3x12,10,10@17.5,20
b. pogo jumps 3x12,10,10@80,85#
b. 2 min abs (split)

light stretch

-i no its way too early for track work, but i am attending the cornell track camp this coming week so i wanted to get some running in with spikes and a little full speed work, i am taking a 3 day rest from major running because i am sure this racked my system

wed july 7 (afternoon)

2:30 erg warm up
a. reverse hypers 3x8,6,6@50,55#
a. med ball throws 2x100@12

some microstretching

-part of the facility i use will not be avaiable tomrrow morning so i did somewhat of a double session today
-my left ankle and left upper glute have felt tight so i did the microstretches that corresponded with them

thurs july 8

4 min jog
stretch checks
3 build ups
3 backflips
marching a’s for distance 3x100

a. clean 5x7,5,3,3,3@170,180,185
a. incline bench 5x10,8,6,6,6@130,135,145/150
a. seated high row 5x10,8,6,6,6@115,125,130
b. side cable pulldowns 3x12,10,10@30,35/30
b. human flag holds 3x1 each
b. quad flexes 2x12,10

light stretch

walked in cold ocean

Human flags are a crazy exercise, An ultimate for the targeted muscle group. I’m working upto these (8-10secs x 3-5 sets). The fastest guy I knew had these down for around 8-10secs (static) & there incredibly hard.

For the obliques, do you think there is anything better?.

honestly i feel the exercise much more up in the muscles surrounding my ribs as opposed to the obliques down by my hips

my best hold would maybe be for ~5 sec at this point then i begin to droop

i took today off and went to six flags, then tomorrow ill do some hiking and walking too but i am attending cornell university’s track & field camp from sunday afternoon thru thursday morning. they will run three work sessions each day and have a time trial at the end of the week

i would like to attend cornell for college and would love to run there, which means to walk on i would have to be running about a 11.00FAT 100m by tryouts

i am not expecting a great time at the time trial (considering itd be after a week of hard work and out of season), but would like to see myself run a time that the coaches would believe i have the potential to run there

i probably will not strictly record the workouts, but i will jot down the gist of the program or whatever they have us do

should be fun in the least

ive arived home from track camp, man i am sore. i did some full speed sprinting on track and lots of tech drills and such so its mainly in my hips

i talked to the coach and to walk on id need to be running about a 11.05 FAT 100m, which i think is doable with some hard work

at this camp they really emphasized dorsi-flexion and front side mechanics

ill take a little while off from speed work because my sstem is burnt, since i didnt lift i will start ifting tomorrow again

i ended up doing a lot of human flags because people wanted me to teach them, but as far as muscle workouts that was pretty much it

fri july 16

warm up jog
stretch checks
grass tempo:

2:30 erg warm up
a. high pulls 5x8,6,4,4,4@175,185,190#
a. bench 5x8,6,4,4,4@155,165,170#
a. lat pull downs 5x10,8,6,6,6@100,110,115#
b. squat 5x8,6,4,4,4@260,270,275
b. rdl 3x10,8,8@140,140/145
b. situps w/ twist 2x15,12@60,65#
light stretch


-i probably wont do these exercises for over a week now so im not sure if i will actually end up upping weight next session
-im planning on making these upcoming days tempo heavy because i only really did full speed stuff at cornell

If your sore, you certainly need to work on your weaknesses & adapt to the workload, specifically the tech drill & sprints. Seems like you have underestimated the volume & come out hurting.

When I started sprinting it was the calves & hip flexors that got murdered.

the sides of my hips and my traps are what got me. they did a lot of hurdler drills for the sprinters because the school likes to stress ROM and i guess I could work on mine lol. the back of my knees got sore too.

i did know the volume of the week would probably be very high in things I hadnt really done but the things we did at the camp werent really hardcore training. we didnt really do any real training sessions or weight lifting, it was really just about learning

sat july 17

warm up jog
stretch checks
3 build ups
grass tempo:

1 min jump rope
a. decline db biceps curls 3x12,10,10@27.5,30#
a. overhead tri ext 3x12,10,10@55,60
b. ledge single leg calf raises 3x10,8,8 each@90,95
b. side shoulder raise 3x12,10,10@20,22.5
b. medball throws 2x100@12
c. ab rollouts 2x10
c. high cable twists 2x10 each@35,40

some jav throws
light stretch

-a friend is a jav thrower so i was really just fooling around with him
-i did my warm up set for hammy curls but still felt a lot of soreness from camp and rdls yesterday so i decided to cut them

im going to the pococnos for a week so i will not have access to a weightroom or track

i plan on doing bw exercises and hill or and runs for the speed days depending on whats available

if theres not room to do speed days i will replace them with higher volume plyos

im not sure i will have daily access to a comp, so i will probably just update my journal at the end of the week

sun july 18


mon july 19

depletion push-ups 47,17,14 (no warm up)
seated rows 3x12,10,10@resistance band
2 min abs

tues july 20

4 min jog
stretch checks
r: wb+1 min,wb+5 min
a. handstand push ups 3x8,5,4
a. one-arm push ups 3x6,5,5
a. pull ups (neutral) 3x10
a. one legged squat 3x10,7,5 each
a. knee jump 3x10
a. hamstring resisted stretch 3x10
b. burpees 1x10


light stretch

wed july 21

road tempo:
r: walk what i ran, 3 min
plyos 100 contacts
a. assisted revrse hypers 3x10,6,6
b. push ups 1x1@person on back
c. biceps curls 3x10@resistance band
c. side shoulder raise 3x10@resistance band
d. 6 min abs

-i didnt have marked out distances to run so i did the tempo patterns ive been using just by timing instead