200 Times

i was wondering what people views were on a 400m hurdlers flat 200 speed should be. i ran 21.40 in 2004 and i am back in this sortof shape for 2007after a 2 year change from sprint hurdles to 400 hurdles last season i ran 51.52 for the 400hurdles. does your flat 200 speed make much diffrence in the 400m Hurdles?


Yes, I’d say convert the 200m time to a 400m expectation and then add the hurdles differential. I’d imagine that 21.40 is fast enough for well under 50.0 in the 400h.

I agree. 400hurdlers should always have mean as (specific) endurance. Pro 400m runners usually go round 2x200pb+3.5 so 400h should do this at worst (if given chance to train like pros) and then anywhere betweeen 3-5 seconds (for really good/average hurdlers) is usually added from 400 flat to 400h (there are exceptions for the great or the unexpereinced which we’ll ignore), so given this.

2x21.40+3.5=46.3+about 4=50.3(and theres every chance you could go quicker then this - perhaps up to a second quicker given the same 200m speed.

NZ 400mh record holder is at 49.90 and his 400m flat pb of the same season was 46.90 so go figure, you could go as quick maybe as 49’00 with awesome training (leading to awesome endruance/technique). And then obviously if you improve your short spped (ie 200m time) your potential for the 400mh should also relevantly improve.

sounds good i feel everything is going in the right direction now! i am startng my season in a week and running 200s till my first 400 hurdles race on the 5th may. thanks for all the advice.

goodluck and let us know how it goes

i had my first race at the weekend but only did the 100m for some fun at our club champs i ran 11.0 hand timed it was my 5th best 100 time. so not a bad start for still doing heavy work! first 200 this weekend before first 400hurdles on the 5th may

damn man that 400h PR is pretty good.

my best was only ever 53.4 and i am 100% i was running faster than 21.00 in the 200

so id say keep doing what you are doing man cause its working…

but yes your flat speed does have alot to do with the hurdles.

Kerron Clement has increadible flat speed and not very good hurdle technique but runs 47.x in the 400 hurdles.

he runs like me on the back stretch (stutters) but has so much speed that he can still catch a very technical hurdler like Bennie Brazell.

but yea man keep up the good work

and dont run the 100 man

no need to. if you wanna focus on speed work run the 200. the 100 speed is not the kind of speed you want in the hurdles.

you will never be moving that fast in the 400 hurdles, your drive phase your transition everything is completely different so just stay clear of that race.

Kerron Clement Ran 10.23 100M and 20.6 200 this past week at Miami.

yea and im sure thatll be the only one he runs this season.

he has ran it maybe 2 or 3 times and he is an elite hurdler.

the 200 he’s always ran and most 400 hurdlers will run it but the 100 is a completely diff race and really has no purpose in helping a 400 hurdler.

yet every one wants to know what they run in the hundy so as long as they don’t waste themselves on HT then all power to them I say lol

Just my view on 200 impacting the 400H. Using the standard conversion to 400 as earlier posted 2x200pb + 3.5 + 3.0-5.0. Say u can run 23.0x2=46+3.5+3.0=52.5. In Canada that would be top 5 at Senior Nationals. It just strikes me how an athlete with the willingness to train and excellent coaching could be top 5 in the country with a 200 speed that wouldn’t even get you to Junior Nationals for 200. Even if your conversion isn’t great say 23.0x2+4.0+4.0=54.0. enough for top 10 in the country.

yeh but when you’re talking about the best in the world they need to do at least a:

whoever breaks the 400mh WR will need 20.5 speed at the worst, though quicker would be ideal, awesome endurance and a picture-perfect technique.

My friend, Czech record holder in 400mH Jiri Muzik has 200m- 21.16, 400m- 45.77, 400mH- 48.27