2 Flys and a Start

Hey guys this is the first time I’ve ever filmed myself. There was definitely a difference between what I thought I looked like and what was actually happening. Personally after watching the videos and from what I felt while running, the second fly, the one where it is dark, was better than the first and the 3 point start felt shitty. I would appreciate whatever comments and critiques you guys have to offer, thanks.
Fly #1
Fly #2

Flys looked good, just make sure you’re staying relaxed.
Start looked a bit tense, with your arms and stride sort of all over the place, but it was hard to tell from the camera angle. I’ve found the best camera angle for starts is in front of the start, not behind it.

alot of good things going on here…just get a good training programme and let it go

Yes I feel like my actual running isn’t that bad once I am going properly but my start is tense and I just keep getting tighter as I get going. That’s why I prefer flys to accelerations. I was having some success with falling starts but I am having a hard time performing any static starts. I can relax and just fall into the first few strides but am unable to start relaxed using 4 point or 3 point starts. I’ll probably try to do a couple more starts sometime soon and record them again.

get some proper advice on how to set-up blocks PROPERLY and how to start PROPERLY…get this sorted and some quality training in and youl see good times happening BUT it takes work

you are running very very simaliar to kim collins. same actions going on

I would recommend lying starts. Just stay relaxed and come from a lying position, things tend to sort themselves out.

X-Man, I know you’re right I need to get an actual coach and train properly but it will be difficult for the next couple of months due to my school schedule and the fact that registration has closed for the only track club in my area. I have a friend who is willing to come down and film me on some days so that I can see how I’m doing but that’s pretty much it for now. I bought the Fundamentals 1 Speed and Strength video to help out wth my starts but like you said it would be much more useful to have a coach next to me helping me to set up. I agree I do see similarities between my and Kim Collins’ running now that you’ve pointed it out.
Python023, I will try them next time I get to the track.

I just remembered that I had posted videos on here before. I joined a team and made significant improvements when compared with the videos I originally posted but I had to quit again for about a year or so and have fallen back out of shape. I just started running again and have been putting videos of it up on youtube. Here is a start I just did yesterday:


Any comments or critiques would be welcome.

Actually, one thing I realized when I saw it after going back to the house was how open the angles were in my front and back knees. They were definitely more than 90 and 120 when I was in the set position. I think this is probably because I wasn’t starting with blocks like I normally did with the team. I don’t know if this is making me not come out as low and as far or something. I remember someone posted a video recently of Asafa doing a start without blocks and his feet were definitely not in the same position they would be in if they were in the blocks. If I don’t have them should I be placing my feet differently?