ZMA In Australia

I know everyone is probably tired of ZMA questions but can anyone in Australia find ZMA other then Musashi? If so, what brands and where from? Thanks.

I know Prolab and GNC are available in Sydney. Try at a GNC store.

whats wrong with the musashi brand?

Musashi is ZMA+, can only assume that the + is for the Manganese it contains. Therefore it is not identical to the original SNAC formula. There are numerous posts stating the formula must be identical to achieve maximum benefit.

True -

Musashi ZMA+ is not SNAC approved - whether or not this is critical I don’t know.

  • I can only refer to the SNAC-supported literature (which as D-train says is elsewhere on the forum) which says it isn’t
    (of course they would I hear you say) … anyway …

I am using the Musashi ZMA+ at the minute - but not by choice.
I couldn’t determine if their ZMA+ was SNAC approved from the website lierature so I ordered it anyway in an order and will use it up while I have it.

Just started 3 days ago after 2 weeks off, so ask me in a week or 2 and I’ll tell you what I think…

ive used it and seemed to suffer no ill effects at all…besides half choking on those huge pills occasionally :stuck_out_tongue:

illl keep taking my chances with it for the time being.
until you guys tell me which one that is available in australia is better than it of course heheh

  • y’think those are big ??? - try the Animal Pak bricks.

I think my main problem with the Musashi brand was to do with me not being able consume it on an empty stomach. Because I dont get home from training until late, I basically eat dinner have the ZMA and go to bed.

I am now trialling the ZMA before dinner and seem to be getting a better kick start the next day. I know its not the ideal way but it seems to be working for me.

Asked at GNC about Prolab ZMA and they seemed a bit reluctant. They could order it in but its over 2 times more expensive then Musashi.

Will see if Vitaminzone can get in some more brands, they seem to be the most reasonable in AUS when it comes to $$$

An empty stomach would probably qualify at a stretch with min. 30 mins either side of ingestion …
DT can you not do that?

NO23 you have lost me, can you clarify what you mean? Thanks

I might be wrong so some one can correct me but you should be safe enough taking the ZMA 30-45 mins after your last food intake once there isn’t great a large calcium intake … Obviously you’d rather have longer but I thing 30-45 mins should be ok.

Thanks for that no23.

nb: had a bit more of a look in relation to the Musashi ZMA+ & found that they actually make 2 types. The first type is in a black container and is the one they sell via health food stores and requires 4 tablets per night to get the required dosage.(however it still does not have the required amount of Zinc that the SNAC has)

The second is in a white container and the only place I have found it is at Coles store. It contains different proportions of ZMA when compared to the black, however if you consume 5 tablets it comes closer to the SNAC formula then the black does.

It is also much cheaper, ie: $12 for a 15 day pack.

I’ve only ever tried the black one - I’ll be going back to the Snac approved versions though after this though

on a diff note: has anyone noticed, that if u wanna take magnesium on its own, its always mixed with calcium in tablets? which basically means u wont be absorbing it that well…what a waste