ZMA and sleep problems

To avoid restlessness in the night and feeling groggy in the morning, as has been posted, can the ZMA dosage be spread throughout the day, eg. 1 cap morning, afternoon and before bed?

i use these omega eggs, they come from chickens that are fed flax instead (which makes there yokes higher in omega 3,6 and lower in colesterol and saturated fat)of regular chicken feed. i use 2 whole omega eggs (6 fat, 6 protein each) and 3 eggs whites (6 protein each). i just throw them on a clean non-stick skillet and cook them on top of the stove. ive tried to eat them with various toppings but i like them best plain.

also, not having a protein shake before bed helps keep the blader empty so i have been sleeping 8+ hours straight, rather than waking up mid way to make a pit stop.

good idea nightmare.

how many grams of protein are in the egg whites? and what is the easiest way to prepare them?

No. Take 3 caps before bed on a fairly empty stomach.

Some people have to go with 2 before bed if they can’t sleep in. Depends also on body weight and how empty your stomach is when you take it.

I agree that the emptiness of your stomach is the key.

also, if you take a cal supplement, take it in the early afternoon. taking the 2 too close together will deminish the returns. this includes even cheese of milk with dinner.

Cheers nightmare.

I’ve only just took my ZMA. Gonna have some salmon shortly. Its almost bedtime here in the UK.


thats what i do, ZMA bedtime -60mins, then some eggs/whites just before hitting the sack.

Dear 716

The only problem I see with taking it on an empty stomach is that you will go to sleep with less protein in your system and catabolism will begin sooner. Do you take yours on an empty stomach? I suppose you could take ZMA 90 minutes before bed, and then some protein 30minutes before.

Dear Richard:

Taking ZMA on an empty stomach will
increase absorpton. ZMA is a product
that was designed to enhance sleep
efficiency. More than 70% of your body’s
daily output of growth hormone is released in a single burst about 90 minutes after going to sleep. The release occurs when you enter stage 3-4 sleep (also called delta or slow wave sleep). Studies have shown that the
deeper the stage of sleep, the greater
the mass of the growth hormone release.
Healing, tissue repair, muscle growth as well as testosterone and growth hormone production are maximized during sleep. ZMA was designed specifically to accelerate and enhance and this healing and recovery process that is maximized during sleep.

So will taking on an empty stomach slow absorption, and why is it not desirable to take ZMA in the daytime?

Dear Richard:

Try taking 3 ZMA capsules a little earlier
in the evening, such as 60-90 mintues before bedtime, instead of
only 30 minutes before, for example.
This sould help remove some of the
grogginess in the morning. If that
doesn’t work, then reduce to only
2 capsules, 60- 90 minutes before bedtime.

i wouldnt take zma with any food in your stomach, and then go on your airplane trip back home after a rugby game… man it gives you gas, and no matter how big you think an airbus ACTUALLY is, you cant outrun that smell, and now multiply that by the five of us that take ZMA for recovery! I think the other passengers wanted to throw us out!:mrt:

Got a couple of questions-

  1. If you take ZMA 60 minutes before sleeping, can you still have cottage cheese right before sleeping?
  2. I sleep really well with ZMA, but I woke up really groggy today. Anything I can do about that?

More important than ZMA… you need to get into a pattern of sleep. Go to sleep around the same time, make adjustments slowly. Learn to relax.

Would there be any benefit in taking Fish oils or other kinds of omega3/6s with zma and protein before bed, to slow release? I’ve been thinking about doing this.