zma and melatonin

anybody stack their zma with melatonin. it seems to me that they wouldnt disrupt each other, and could improve sleep(recovery). plus its extremely cheap… any thoughts?

I am not a fan of mealtonin. It makes me feel gross in the morning.

melatonin use and dosage varies greatly…

well could there be a dosage that could improve recovery? or maybe expirement with it to see or not?probably wont try it unless you guys have benefitted from it.

I wouldn’t try it unless I was blind or lived in Alaska

athlete i’ve been thinking of doing the same thing. it’ll be a matter of what does of melatonin to take.

vito if your blind you levels of melatonin will be higher naturally.

I have found that tiny does work during specific times and specific circumstances besides travel. If done correctly it works wonders…if fucked up you will wake up with a beer goggle hangover…you feel like crap in the morning and you have a gross woman in your bed.

This is true, but their body doesn’t know when or how much to secrete, this is why blind people have problems with their circadiam rhythm (spelling ?) and many suffer from insomnia or the opposite during daylight hours, etc. thereby making the use of melatonin useful.

clemson, i some times have that problem…and unfortunately its not related to my suppplements. haha
seriously though, i didnt know about how delicate the dosing was. ill just probably stay clear of it altogether, zma then for recovery