You would have to see it too believe it: Jana injuried first session back

Jana Pittman at the track today severely strained her soleus or aggravated a Achilles. It was her first session on the track and they where doing fast 60s. Her coach/hubby is a (:mad: edited out for legal reasons - SHARMER: IF A COMMENT LOWERS THE OPINION OF THE PERSON YOU CRITICISE IN THE VIEW OF ANYONE ELSE WHO READS YOUR COMMENT THEN IT IS LIBELOUS…kk), you would have it see it to believe it. As she laid flat on her back in excruciating pain, I heard the words “ I hate this sport”.

I remember when I watched a story about her on 60 minutes a few months ago, she said something along the lines of “if you’re never getting injured, you aren’t training hard enough”.

Speed work - day one!?! Marvels! It is so easy to be a coach these days :slight_smile:

Mark my words, as long as this guy is her coach she will not perform well.

When was the last time she did?

Given she was roughly 10kg overweight, I thought it was a odd option to do fast 60m runs on the track.

Because her coach is her husband not sure if it’s foreseeable that she will find another coach. Over the last year the entire squad has had a horror run with injuries, the coaching is borderline negligent, I call it Kamikaze coaching.

Fast 60s as the first session back?!?!? You’d think she’d know her body a bit better by now, and that something of the sort would be out of the question.

It was on mondo, why not stay on the grass? Extend the distance to 100m and do them slower. The infield grass at Homebush is reasonably flat and safe.

Sharmer, you may well be correct that Jana has been injured even though they disputed this when I contacted Chris Rawlinson for verification of “a report on a website” but you’ve (that’s the collective You - as in all forum posters) got to be more careful with your choice of words because we don’t want this forum shutdown due to lack of funds drained off to pay legal bills (from Jana or whomever) :slight_smile:

For the record Chris Rawlinson said: "She’s fine. She had some calf tightness (I assume Chris was saying follwoing some 3min runs on grass last Tuesday).

“The reason she went to the track was she wanted to try out some new shoes which were half-trainer, half-spike. After we left the track she did a bike session.”

So it is possible you saw him trying to massage some of the tension out of her soleus, which can be “excruciating” although perhaps not a new injury?

Glad to hear, if it’s true, that she’s okay. :).

Hi guys,
I’m all for correct and suitable coaching methods, however sometimes I feel that these forums can be hyper critical. There seems to be a culture of criticism,this being the latest example.

Sometimes we’ve got to accept that we don’t know the full picture, and hey maybe there’s actually people out there doing a better job than us.

I’m just running into a lot of internet warriors of late (in real life) who have read a few books but have little to no coaching experience, who are criticising peolple who have been coaching their whole lives. I’m not sure its fair to have such strong opinions without actually walking in their shoes so to speak.

Be aware that this isn’t aimed at anyone in particular as I do not know any of you in real life.

Anyway, happy coaching and training.

I saw her laying on the track grabbing her soleus saying " I can’t believe how much it hurts, I hate this sport", she limped off the track and was unable to walk on the injured side. There was another 50-60 people at the track who can verify this. Initially I thought she snapped her Achilles. So no, I didn’t see Chris merely massaging her calf, she collapsed after doing a run through and limped off the track.

Of course Chris will try and minimise the degree of severity because it only makes him look bad. Chris’s version is highly inconsistent with what actually occurred.

We really need to be careful with reporting-pay attention to this going forward everyone.

Thank you


Rawlinson injury story not true

By Mike Hurst
October 20, 2008 

JANA Rawlinson’s husband and coach Chris Rawlinson has denied a report his wife had broken down at training at the weekend.

The report, posted on an athletics website by a well-known Sydney athlete who claimed to be an eyewitness, said the two-time 400m hurdles world champion had been “in excruciating pain” after allegedly injuring a calf muscle doing fast 60m sprints in her first session on a synthetic track.

But the report was untrue, Chris Rawlinson said. When reached by The Daily Telegraph on Sunday afternoon, he said he and Jana were strolling around together - hardly the prescription for an injured runner.

“No mate, she’s fine. She’s walking around a museum with me now,” Rawlinson said.

"She trained yesterday (Saturday). She had been doing grass-track work. It was her first time. She just went over to the track.

"She got some new training shoes, half-trainers (and) half-spikes she just wanted to try them out. She’s fine.

“She’s had some calf tightness because it was her first session back on the track for like 13 weeks. She did three-minute runs on Tuesday. But she did a bike session afterwards (upon leaving the track).”

A sequence of injuries apparently originating from toe surgery in January knocked Rawlinson out of the Beijing Olympics for which she had been the gold medal favourite.

Recently she confirmed she would be relocating from Sydney’s Hills District to Canberra so that she could receive the best possible medical and biomechanical back-up at the Australian Institute of Sport.,8659,24520077-23218,00.html

I am still trying to figure out who this well known Sydney athlete is?

pardon? :confused:




It appears to me that someone has not been telling us the truth. Who?

Well known? notorious? infamous?

Well known doesn’t necessarily mean the person is credible.

Who really cares. Jana has to make her own decisions as to what she does. That is part of being an athlete. I guess we got our 15s of fame.

Were we short-changed then? Wasn’t it supposed to be 15mins of fame, not 15s(seconds)? :eek: