xcell line-when will these products be available

im real excited to try out some of the products from the xcell line.
when will they be available to us?

I checked out the online stores that are supposedly to be selling them and they don’t have them. When will they be available?

super supplements should sell soon so seek secrets swiftly. :eek:

Product will begin shipping for team programs and retail outlets the first week of November!

Sign up at www.xcellbioenergy.com for info

Maybe I’m missing something here, but I was trying to find the products from each of the online retailers listed at the site and I couldnt find any of them. Am I looking in the wrong place or have they still not been shipped?

i don’t believe they are out yet.

I hate to sound like I’m beating a dead horse here, but I still cant find these products at any of the online retailers listed on the site. Is there a delay in shipping or have their been problems with the retailers or what? I’m really eager to get my hands on cytofuse but I cant find it anywhere? Clemson or Zeppelin or anyone else, do you know what’s happening?

The products will be available soon since I was sent a few tubs myself…we are trying to make sure everything is ready for the second round of orders and that we expect to be huge!

I just got my sample and Chocolate Dream is, what can I say, a DREAM!!

Sure it may taste good…but the formula and ingredient quality is key…it is up to the athlete to see what is used.

Is there any way to order cytofuse directly from xcell or is it only being offered through bodybuilding.com?

If the cytofuse people are on the site, perhaps we could do a test drive here using our team of “qualified professionals”.


pleas send an address to info@xcellbioenergy.com and I am sure Ryan will send some christmas goodies up to toronto for approval. Along with information, letters of third party testing are available for each production generation to ensure the safety of the the line.