WR record money?

How much money do atheletes recieve when they break the wr?

That depends on the meet organisation.

Yesterday Powell may receive around 100.000 € i red on a AFP news.

i guess thats about 140,000 us. good money.

And the bragging rights are great!

Does the amount of money you make also matter from what country your from and sponsors? Like i’m sure if your sponsored by Nike and just won the 100m, they’re gonna give you some more money.

Or if someone from America was to break the record would get more money, then saw someone from like Lebanon.

The direct prize money doesn’t even compare to the eventual advertisement opportunities.

It’s like golf, if you win the Masters you get $1,000,000 and a nice jacket, but then you get $20,000,000 in endorsements.

Powell probobly stands to make alot of money:

  1. He would have received an appearence fee just for being at the meet.

  2. He would have received prize money for winning.

  3. He would have received more money from the meet for setting the world record.

  4. He would have received bonuses with Nike.

  5. He stands to make alot more through endorsements.

How dare you steal my name!

– Plus higher meet fees from now on,

– Possible book deal(at some point),

– Fees for media appearances(interviews etc.),

– Speaking engagments(don’t know if AP can
do this, but some athletes have made $$
years afterwards with this),

– and a “How I Broke the World Record” DVD!