Who is currently the most overrated NFL player?

For now, my choice is Jason Sehorn.

Warren Sapp or Donovan McNabb.

Definetely Warren Sapp, yes he may be a motivational leader, but he seems to be irrational at times and Simeon Rice is wayyyy better than he is. 6 tackle 4 sacks a 1 forced fumble yesterday for Rice

Warren got toasted at the New Tampa YMCA! Three pointer in your eye fatboy!

I’d say Kurt Warner, but he’s riding the bench now.

I’ma go with the Bucs Defense. They are all overrated now.

I totally agree with both Warren Sapp and D-Mac.

Jevon Kearse.

Also Terrell Owens. As a 49er fan who watched every game last year: if I had a dollar for every pass he dropped, I’d be a rich man. :smiley:

He used to be good, but I think he really lost focus last year, and might be good for the Eagles this year.

every player and team has his moment
Warner was the best in 1999-2001, now he is a “bad” QB
The same thing is for Terrell Owens
IMHO, the most overrated NFL players are McNabb, Keyshawn Johnson…
Tampa Bay’s defense is history now

how is mcnabb overated all he had was running backs his receivers sucked. SO why is he overated. Cause Rush Bimbo said so?

Keyshawn Johnson

I could understand that argument, but his throwing abilities are mediocre at best. He has great speed at the quarterback position, so he is an effective double threat. But, based on his humongous contract and the excessive praise given to him, I’d say he’s overrated.

I agree that Keyshawn is at least one of the most overrated players in the nfl, like Terrell Owens, with way too many many dropped passes that could easily be caught though TO is certainly more productive overall.

He’s not fast anymore. He gained way too much weight, and I doubt it’s LBM. His contract is pretty ridiculous, so he brings that on himself just like Allan Houston.

I have to admit that TO did drop alot of balls last year but he has always been productive after he gets the ball. He is probably the most explosive reciever in the league (with a few exceptions i.e. Moss)

He drops a lot of balls every year(many where he is wide open and without a db in sight) and though he is an exceptional talent and does produce, in my opinion he drops too many balls and has too many mental lapses to be viewed as a great reciever though he certainly has the potential to be one.

Donovan McFlab…


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