Which grains are best?

If one doesn’t want to eliminate all grains/complex carbs from the diet, which ones would be the best to use?

e.g should i use wholegrain brown rice instead of durum wheat pasta, potatoes instead of bread,etc?

For those like Clemson who rely on fruit and vegetables for their carbs, do these provide enough glycogen for the muscles, like grains do?

I myself get 60- 70% of my carbs from fruits and vegetables, but i also include grains for variety, sustained energy and to maintain glycogen in the muscles. Do fruits and vegetables provide EVERYTHING that grains provide? If they do, i may experiment with eliminating them from my diet completely.



My protocols are based on most athletes in power and speed sports…I do use grains and the load depends on the sport and training program. In fact my article with a guest writer will be on breakfast and glycogen needs.

I just don’t think grains should be the primary source.

the only grains i eat- oats and basmati rice(clemson turned me on to b.r. over brown rice on regeneration lab).

Thanks athlete…

Basmati rice is white, i thought it was always best to select wholegrain brown rice over this one??? :confused:

Excerpted from “The Spice Trade” (http://www.regenerationlab.com/archives/000076.php)
"The second benefit to Indian or simlar cuisine is Basmati rice. Unlike most grains that act as insulin timebombs, Basmati rice is the best option for those that like to have a small serving of grains from time to time without having their insulin levels elevate too much. In the the book The New Glucose Revolution, the team of medical doctors wrote on page 58:

Despite the “whole-grain” nature of rice, complete gelatinization takes palce during cooking. This is because millions of microscopic cracks and fissures in the grains allow water to penetrate right into the middle of the grain during cooking, allowing the starch granules to sell and the starch to hydrate. Some varieties of white rice, such as Basmati, have substantially lower GI values. This is because they have more amylose starch, which resists gelatinization.

When going out it’s best to keep the amount of rice to about a cup for Thai rice and Basmati rice can be 1.5 cups because of the lower GI or the starch. Brown rices and Thai rice tend to be the poorest sources for rice isulin wise, so athletes should reduce the amount of rice consumption by ordering a vegetable dish to eliminate the temptation for a seeing how close your belly can resemble Budha’s."

In regards to the topic, if a 100/200m athlete can end up getting around 25-30% of all calories from fruits/veggies and post workout carbs is it necessary to add in grains or is that more for athletes in longer events/playing longer time periods?
If the answer is “Just wait for the breakfast article” I’m okay with that.

Thanks for the info! I’ve been to Clemson’s site before but at first glance i couldn’t find anything to read, i saw the adverts and thought i was about to be peddled something, so i didn’t really look around. I’ve followed the article link and it’s actually an excellent site with great content, i’ve bookmarked it and will definitely head back there to keep abreast of the articles. :slight_smile:

Even though basmati rice scores well on the glycemic index, along with other ‘white’ grains will it not clog up the colon?

the basmati rice i have now has 0g of diety fiber per serving.
my brown rice has 2g.
but if your getting your good portion of vege’s and fruits per meal(like you should) then i dont consider it a problem. also a bonus is i really prefere the taste of basmati rice-its very versitile and for me requires no additionals to enhance flavor(i add a tablespoon of e.v.o.o. though).
i agree about RL-its the best website ive found in while- when i turn the computer on i hit charliefrancis.com first and then on to RL.com
hey clemson im still waiting for that anti-catabolic cocktail…haha

It will be up athlete (anticatabolic coctail)

as for rice Texmati rice is brown long grain with the benefits of a low GI like basmati! Don’t mess with Texas!