when to practice

When do you all think the best time to train is? I know in the AM the most testosterone is produced. do any of you practice on an empty stomach? what times do you all practice at?

Midday is pretty good, But change it up every so often!

Training early morning boost the Basal Metabolic Rate!

Shock the system!

Kenny Mac~

I like training at least about 3 hours after getting up.

The answer to your first question is probably obvious - when it best suits you!

I train first thing in the morning for the following reasons:

  1. I am an ‘early bird’ I work well mentally in the morning, and it gets me set up for the day - buzzin’
  2. I like to get the things most important to me done first in the morning so I know they are done and nothing will crop up int the afternoon and cause me to miss evening training.
  3. the BMR factor as Kenny points out.
  4. I can’t train midday (job) so the only alternative is evening - which isn’t such a good option for re-fueling glycogen replacement and more importantly protein synthesis - especially if you only get to the gym very late in the evening.
  5. Apart from the small problem of getting out of bed !!! there are few disadvatages to the am sessions.

I’m tryin not to sound like’The Prodigy ’ here lol -
but Charlie says - or so I took it that the cns is better prepared at least 3 - 4 hours after waking - so pm is good for high intensity workouts
so if u have heats in the AM an early start is a good idea .
I personally am incapable of even minor human functions b 4 11 or so and have always been this way .