when the snow lies high upon the ground

Is it possible to improve as an 400m runner, when your facilities in the winter are:
gymnastichall 40x30m (trainers)

It feels like I´m missing out the important longer races like 150-200-300-500m…

you can improve in certain aspects of training. You could do some stacking workouts as described in earlier posts, in the weightroom and in gym, you could supplement some of your speed work with plyometrics. Can you better describe what you have access to?

Its a 150m long corridore there its a carpet for spikeshoes that is 120m long. Blocks are also avalible. The gymnastichall is woodenfloor. The weightroom is actually a complete gym. Can I manage with shorter races up to 120s during the snowtime as a 400m.
Or should I maybe to turnarounds like 100+100+100m.
But these races I cut the flow, and insted it becomes three acclerationfaces, don`t know if this is good or bad…

make the most of what you got!

120m ‘track’? - Emphasis on speed over the Winter, break up speed sessions with split end runs (e.g. 2 x [100+120+100]). You can stretch out runs once conditions improve.

Use the facilities that you have to ensure you are in physical tip-top shape once early Summer comes. Strength in the weightsroom, general conditioning (tempo, abs., circuits etc.), flexibility etc can all be improved.

See Allen Wells thread - he had to make use of very limited facilities and he did alright for himself! :wink: