What are these?

I saw some pictures on some forum of some shoes I own, and I’m wondering what exactly they are. Fashion or track flat?





If I’m correct these are flats? Okay for sprinting? I do the short events under 400

These are middle distance shoes. Generally speaking you need a stiffer plate for speed work

They are flats, yes you are correct. They are what most would call waffles; their made for training purposes, you can use them for sprinting. Sharmers right about the plate. Although there are plenty of sprint spikes that have very flexible templates. But they can be used for workouts, especially on hard surfaces such as asphalt clay etc. The advantages of them are that they allow for greater cushioning than a traditional sprint spike, and slightly more range of motion than a stiff sprint spike. They would be comparable to a mid-distance spike, which some sprinters do use. I would not wear them in a race though unless it was on an asphalt/concrete track, because although on these surfaces you would get more traction than a metal spike would, they would be superfluous and useless on a rubber/grass track.

I wear mine for fashion purposes

yeah those are h-streets which are a casual shoe, not that you can’t run in them but probably they are best for tempo if you can’t do it barefoot for some reason.