Weightlifting/schedule question

I go to a college, and I am going to have to cut out the gym I joined because gas prices are getting way to high, and the fact it takes 30-45min to get there and back.

What I plan on doing is buying a bar and bumper plates and just haul them out to a “weight room” in the dorms to lift in a spot there. The room is something just for dorm residence, and it just has a few machines and 3 treadmills. But there is an open space in the back. It also has a descent pull up bar.

So…here is what I have thought about doing, and hopefully someone could help me out.

I plan on doing 2 high intensity days and two low intensity days.

High Intensity days:
I can do sprint training in an indoor facility at the olympic oval.

Weight lifting:

I can do powercleans with my bar in the room. I can also do weighted pull ups.

However, in order to do squats, I would have to do it in the morning or lunchtime due to minimal plate avaliability in the place and the fact its SUPER Crowded after 4pm (hints it being hard to find plates).

Low intensity:

I can bench around lunch time, do rows and push press. Then do tempo in the afternoon. I figured weightlifting before tempo ain’t too big a deal.

Anyways, this is just sort of an idea for when skeleton season (the sport I do) starts back up again. Also, sort of what I want to test run this summer to get in the groove of things again.

So, my questions are, what are peoples thoughts about doing squat before sprint training? The only other option I have is to do deadlifts with my bar if I want to do something like that after sprint training.

That is my main concern is lifting before sprinting. But I am trying to work with what I have the best I can. Any thoughts, ideas, maybe a better way to arranged things? Thanks for any help.

HSI always lifted before track. I know many of the college programmes lift in the morning and then run later too.