weight transfer on the blocks

On this site there is many forums on arm action from the blocks and I am curious as to the thoughts of the members in regards to weight transfer on the blocks and optimum positioning of the feet in the blocks ie distance and should blocks be placed on lower setting?

i used to do that too, before i started track, then when i started my coach shoved me from behind and told me that i had to start with my legs reversed (the one i traditionally had back moved forward, and the one i traditionally had forward moved back) I don’t know if this is the problem with your athlete since i’d think that another coach would have figured it out by now if that was the problem. But it worked for me, i just naturally drive one arm forward and no amount of effort could make me drive my other arm forward.

check the older forum and search for this same exact topic that was brought up by pioneer. if you are asking about weight distribution, it must be even. with spacing, start with 2 foot/ 3 foot and go from there. check the angles at the knees as well, (if needed).

The reason I ask is that I have a 17 yr old female 12.01/24.49 shape.
out of the blocks her lead arm moves backwards to her hip before moving forward. We have been working on flicking the hand forward for more than 12 months now and when stationary performs the drills very well.
but when coming out from blocks reverts to hand coming backwards.
spacings are 2/3 angles are spot on.
What relation should shoulders be to the hands when in set position?

I will endeavor to load a video of one of her starts this week.

Thanks Zoom

I have heard it explained both ways that is why I asked the question
The athletes I coach asked if one was better than the other so I will let them decide

what foot should you place in the blocks first ?
Front or back ?

please see faster starts #1 for video footage on this matter.

Sorry been a bad day already it should have read “START CLINIC # 1”