Weight Training and running (same time)

Currently am in weight training for the

first time and am thinking about running

track. Is it ok to run track and lift weights

and still get good results in the weight

room.Because i really need the weight


what are you training for and what kind of volumes are you currently doing (both track and weight room)?

track starts in 2 weeks. Am a WR in

football and in the begining of weight

training we did MAx lifts and now we are

tryin to get a 10% increase

How old are you? Under normal circumstances, I believe that exposure to track will do nothing but help you as an athlete. When people talk about not mixing running with weights, they are talking about large volumes of distance running. Something that you should not be worrying about. Go ahead and give track a shot. Keep us updated on your progress, we are always willing to help out!

cool, am 17

are you using track as a means to train for football?


If I were you, I would jump into the previous threads on training for football. You will learn a great deal and find some holes in the subject that you can later ask questions on.
Also, what event in track are you going for? 100m?

Yeah,i dont like distance its depressing

LOL. I know the feeling. There is no need for it in your case, it is not a priority.