weight gain from shorter sprints?

i recently noticed that i have gained about a 8 pounds this year (from august til nov.) When I went back to school this fall, i changed workout groups into the shorter sprinter group, as opposed to the longer sprinter group i was in last yr. I have been doing very short top speed with low volume, which i never did at all last year. Also, in the weight room, I have been doing more squats, and my bench press went up about 10 lbs. I havent really been eating any differently. Could my weight gain be due to this change in workout focus? Will this extra weight hinder my performance? What about if I still want to do the 400? do you think that this change will affect performance in a longer sprint such as that… :confused:

I am experiencing the same thing. I managed to get down to 193 about 3 months ago but since have ballooned back up to 199 pounds :slight_smile:

I do speed/plyos twice a week (Mon-thursday)

weight circuits followed by tempo twice a week (tuesdays/Fridays)

and core work twice a week (tuesdays and Saturdays).

I feel pretty good but I am packing on the muscle!


ps- I am not going to worry about it over the winter since I am running only the 50 meter and occassional 200.

By the time indoors is over I’ll try to trim down to 190 or so again.

good thread…

i tihnk its possible to gain weight (hypertrophy) if you have really never done short speed work. remember short explosive work is using your fast twitch -A -fibers and possibly even training your fast twitch -B-Fibers to act as fast twitch-A.

guys am i making this up or is there some truth in what i am saying? lol.

I’m 3 months into my sprinting career, have always had the same, consistently low bodyfat yet I also am up 5 lbs with no change in a very disciplined diet. Interestingly enough-spread all over-not just the legs.

Yea after specifically training for shorter events I’ve gone up about 15-20 pounds from mid 120’s to about 142 now. I feel like it’ll help my performance, I needed some power.