Weekly b-12 injections for 16 y/o?

Would weekly b-12 injections be bad for a 16 year old? This would be of course done with parent and doctors consent.

You think this is something worthwhile when you don’t get therapy? Please!

i don’t think i’ve ever heard of that… even as a vegetarian! sounds sort of unneccessary… i get my b-12 from FOOD and from vitamins, if something more was warranted i definitely would have heard of it after 3.5 years of training w/no meat. my impression is that it’s fairly easy to get b-12 more naturally, why not save yourself the trouble?

How do you know you are getting the B-12 in your system?

By the way…

The vegetarian post earlier?

Why I prefer my athletes to be predators…

Speaking of B-12…why does man have to supplement something that they can get from animals? Show me the plant that can get you B-12? Also…show me a non man combo to get all the AA without grains…Notice the belly on Budah! Insulin madness.

Let’s look at champions and primal research of evolution…

i don’t know about b-12 in any seafood, but if it’s there, i have it, plus vitamins/supplements that help me out.

if you or anyone could show me some solid research that clearly states i would gain speed and power from eating meat in a way that CAN’T BE REPLICATED in a vegetarian/fish diet, i might be open to selectively eating meat again. but it takes a lot of trust to change a lifestyle…

arent fish animals?

I can drink surge and take creatine and I will not be any fitter since my training is keyboards and walking on a track or pool deck.

Fish? we are now complete.

How much do you consume a day? What types…then eggs and cheese? How much is your diet vegetarian?

I decided from the beginning to eat fish during track season, but now that i run year-round I’ve been eating it all the time for a couple years… my diet is as close to meat-eating as a vegetarian could be.

i eat fish anywhere from 3-5 times a week, lots of tuna and sometimes shrimp or salmon or something else. I try to remember to eat eggs on the other days, and i’m a fan of cheese. the only dairy i don’t really like is milk, which i’ll only have with cereal, so i take a partial dose calcium supplement and multi-vitamins/minerals for insurance…

btw- my doctor said iron supplements probably wern’t necessary, but i’m not completely sure I believe this…

Doctors are important…but I like the thought of working with performance coaches who study “super health” instead of disease. I don’t care about illness since I don’t overload my athletes to the point of mono like symptoms.

Doctors :rolleyes:

Go through Uni, cram for each exam, forget everything, cram for next exam. Forget everything. Go through life leafing through desk reference. Prescribe antibiotics from the company that provides the best golf days.

Study your subject for half a day and you will have a better grasp than 90% of doctors.

doctors or not, i still don’t know where this leaves me for iron…
i think i had a deficiency when i was little, probably does not bode well :rolleyes:

Originally posted by Krasnayafleur
doctors or not, i still don’t know where this leaves me for iron…
i think i had a deficiency when i was little, probably does not bode well :rolleyes:

Get some Floridex. Iron deficiency is something that creeps up on you, not something that you wake up with. Women are far more susceptible to this than men. Non red meat eaters even more so.

Krasnayafleur ,

In regards to Milk as a source of Calcium (Ca), its not necessary. For you however it would be good idea until you’re an adult. But as far as referring to Milk as a “good” source of Calcium, its nothing special. B/c you’re still young and growing I would say its still a good idea that you drink it as a source of Ca. As an adult, however, if you want a higher/better source of Ca intake just eat anything that is Green & Leafy vegetable, ie. spinach, brocolli, heck even munching on your front lawn will give you a better source of Ca than drinking milk itself. Unless you have a predisposed deficiency in Ca, I still maintain that Milk is for “babies”. Personally, I don’t like it myself anyway.