Do any of you monitor your water intake and its effect on performance and body composition?


I have noticed a distinct difference in the way I perform when I am sufficiently hydrated.

I train during my lunch break, and on the days I drink only coffee, my performance is sub-par. This is entirely my fault, getting caught up in my workload and forgetting to get enough water in preparation for my session.

Lately I’ve been substituting tea (both regular, green, and yerba mate, especially the mate) for coffee and I’ve noticed that my performance in the gym has gotten more consistent. The big reason for this is that the volume of fluid with the tea is much larger and more dilute than the coffee.

There is a lot of evidence accumulating about the benefits of tea over coffee. This has played out anecdotally for me as well.

Just for background information, I am a competitive powerlifter, and train using the westside template.


Due to going on and off of creatine where my body was at varying levels of hydration. I think water intake is very important and I am going to monitor myself in the coming week. I just started drinking about 4L of water a day.

You know I hear reports about watching your urine color and the ordor.

If it’s dark yellow (neon) that means you’re dehydrated, well what if you take vitimines & amino’s that’ll cause dark piss 2 right?

I know my urine is dark majority of the time
I drink probably 16oz/ day :frowning:
I am working on it

Any urine checkers out there :smiley:

What does your urine look like :smiley:

Kenny Mac~~~~

Now what type of water. I mean there are many brands that sell miniral water and you see, some are much more expensive than others. And there is tap water. Is there a major difference. Is there something we can put in water that can make it more effective. What about drinking when I don’t feel like it. Its usually known that doing something against the feel of your body would be wrong by default, as in "listen to your body you know " I would really like to know in order to moniter my drinking. Never thought of and would really like to try… but please guys don’t say in oz. because I don’t know whats an oz!

I live and swear by Penta water. Its expensive but I’ve found that I’m totally hydrated.

LoL. Penta water.
I used to work at vitamin shoppe and this guy used to come in and buy cases and cases of it. It claims to be oxygenated and is 3 bucks a pop.
what have you noticed about this water?

I’ve noticed that my pockets have become dry and my mouth wet!! LOL…

It tastes alot lighter and cleaner than other brands of mineral water (Evian, Volvic etc) I typically drink about 2-4 bottles a day. I’ve seen the differences in my skin and in my general well being.

So the brand does actually make a difference!? I always thought water was just water. But since this thread has started I’d like to know all the details.

I personally use urine colour as an indicator, the clearer the better :smiley:

There is an article at John Berardi’s site

I would like to know this too. Would increasing sodium intake increase or decrease hydration?

My eczema and general skin condition is noticeably better when I drink my target amount of water (1gal.~4L).

I only notice a slight increase in energy and workout performance, but I believe its there.

I find that a half liter upon waking is a decent pick me up, and it gets me moving in the bathroom as well. :o

One of the best books on health that I have ever read is “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. Simple enough for the layman, yet with enough science, insight, and technicalness to satisy the scientist. Its definitely written from the aspect of general health and “treating what ails ya” more than sports performance, however.

I don’t think they mean dark yellow and neon to be the same, although for either color (taking vitamins or not), the lighter the better. Here’s a better description of the colors as I understand them:

Dark yellow means more along the lines of apple juice or darker. If your urine is this color, I imagine you are severely dehydrated.

If you are taking vitamins and still properly hydrated, a good “neon” color would be more along the lines of Lemon Lime Gatorade, maybe a little brighter and lighter.

Either way, the lighter the better. The color in urine is due to the concentration of waste. toxins, etc., so the more dilluted the better. Remember, if you’re pissing out a lot of neon, you’re pissing out a lot of water soluble vitamins.

Sodium is required to properly hydrate at the cellular level, but its not something that is going to super-hydrate you if you start adding it to your water. I assume you would only notice a difference if you are deficient in sodium, or if your water to sodium intake ratio was way off. This would of course mean that if you didn’t get much sodium in your diet and you drastically increase your water intake, you might want to add some sodium to your water.

The rough quantity put on it by Dr. Batmanghelidj was adding a half teaspoon/about 3 grams of SALT (NOT SODIUM) for every 10 glasses/~2.4L or water you drink. Keep in mind he makes these recommendations for unhealthy sedentary people - not people who sweat a lot. The more you sweat the more salt you need.

According to Paul Chek there is a difference between normal tap water and a quality mineral water. Appartently it has to do with the number of particals (I assume other than H2O)! If you listen to his interview on World Talk Radio he explains it there.

This book is very interesting. Besides the water parts, I found the section on AIDS very interesting. He suggests that AIDS isn’t produced from a virus at all and that it’s an imbalance in amino acid requirements. He says some very interesting stuff on homosexual activity and the relation to amino acids and depressed immune systems. This stuff completely contradicts the public’s understanding of these topics.

Definitely. I hear tap water criticized most for all the additives, like chlorine and fluoride, and the possible contaminants, like heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins, etc. Chlorine and fluoride might be added for a purpose and on good intentions, but the bottom line is neither of these things should be ingested. Fluoride might be good for your teeth, but it doesn’t belong inside the body. Chlroine is a disinfectant - it might be better than the bugs it kills, but it still isn’t good for you.

On the flip side, I hear some, albeit less, criticism on bottled water or mineral water. Besides the fact it could be just bottle tap-water or from another questionable source, some claim that the water is contaiminated in the bottling process (say from the cleaner used on the machines) or from the bottle itself - a leaching of the chemicals from the bottle into the water.

I’m no water expert, but from all that I have read and judged for myself, the purest form of water would be a high-quality water filtered through a high-quality filter such as a reverse osmosis unit. If you had some way of oxygenating it (or having the source be higher in oxygen content) or ozonating the water it would improve it even further.

You could argue both ways, but I don’t believe distilled water is good for every day drinking. Essentially the distillation process alters the actual water at the microscopic level. I’ve actually seen pictures of this. It also makes the water so devoid of minerals that it may deplete the body of minerals when ingested, just due to waters natrual affinity towards them. This does give distilled water some benefits for detoxing, however.

Not only contradicts, but could possibly even offend people. He states his argument very well, and doesn’t leave any holes that I could find.

While I haven’t read any of them except descriptions or back covers, I’ve noticed a few books in Alternative Health sections written to supposedly uncover the “truth” about AIDS. I have to assume some of them piggy-back off of what Dr. Batmanghelidj theorizes. Some of the books seem to be about a whole AIDS conspiracy.

Another interesting side-note Dr. Batman goes into in another one of his books is how to save drowning victims. He says to hold the drowning victim upside down before performing CPR to empty their lungs of water. It makes sense, because how is a drowning victim going to get air in their lungs when they are full of water? He claims to have seen his younger brother revived from drowning by his servent who held him upside down on his back and ran around the yard. Holding the kid upside down emptied his lungs of water and the bouncing around on the servant’s back revived him in a sort of old-fashioned CPR. Apparently this occured before the CPR method was invented. Later, once CPR had been invented, Dr. Batman was involved in another drowning rescue made successful by both the upside down action and CPR.

I forgot to mention the most noticeable effect of drinking more water for me: my joints feel better. As if they are more “lubricated”. If I’m not drinking enough water, many of my joints click and pop at times. If I drink enough water, the clicking and popping goes away completely in pretty much all my joints except my shoulders.

Mball, Do you really understand what Doc Batman is saying in that AIDS section? Because I don’t. Is he saying that all viruses are just amino acid imbalances that can be cured with proper hydration or is it something more complex? All the diseases he lists in his book are a results of inadequate hydration and vitamin deficiencies… Am I correct? He doesn’t really go over the solutions too well.