Wariner out to set new world 400m mark this year

BEIJING: Olympic and world champion Jeremy Wariner is convinced he will break Michael Johnson’s long-standing 400m world record at this year’s Beijing Olympics, if not before.

The 24-year-old Texan has dominated the men’s one-lap event for the last four years and the world mark of 43.18 seconds set by Johnson, his mentor and agent, at the 1999 world championships is firmly in his sights.

I can do it: Jeremy Wariner is confident he can break the world 400m record this year.
Wariner brushed aside questions about last month’s split with his long-time coach Clyde Hart and said he was totally focused on the Beijing Games.

“I’m looking forward to defending my title and hopefully breaking the world record,” he said on Monday.

“Honestly, if I haven’t broken it before the Olympics, I know I can break it at the Olympics.”

“There’ll be a lot of energy at the Olympics and I have a lot of Asian support so I’m looking forward to it.”

Wariner, whose personal best was the 43.45 seconds he ran to retain his world title in Osaka last year, said Johnson was helping his bid to erase the nine-year-old mark from the record book.

“He knows I could break the record but he still gives me advice,” he said.

“He sees flaws in my race and he tells me, ‘you’ve got to work on this’. He tells me good things and bad things about my race and helps me improve on those.

“My race is not 100 percent perfect and it will never be, there’s always going to be a little flaw in my race I can work on.

“Mentally, I’m there and physically I’m there, I’ve just got to put everything together at the right time.” – Reuters

lol. bahahahaha

I’ll be cheering for him.

I don’t know how much more he has to change, though, apart from a higher overall race speed/better speed endurance, but he’s already good at that!

What do you guys think bout the facted, that he has far less muscle power that MJ did?
I mean MJ was a big boy. They both have great leg speed among many things but MJ had 10kgs of muscle on Wariner
Just think what he could do with that extra strength and power output.

wrong, MJ’s speed was not the limiting factor.

I did not say that MJ was Limited by his speed.
Being the world record holder in the 200m you are going to have amazing speed
My point is Wariners muscle size!