volym of speedsession

On s speed day, how much is to much and how less is to less.
For example how many blockstarts is the right amount in one session.
I read here in the forum that 2x5x30 was too much, when read tahat Ato Boldon preformed 15-20 starts in one session.
What`s the right way in for example a
block+acceleration session?

2x5x30 isn’t too much for a lot of people. That equals only 300m. The volume can vary dramatically depending on the person. Ben avaraged 500m per session- but the range was considerable depending on the intensity and time of year. remember, for every taper period, the numbers must rise elsewhere to average out. Also remember that the amount of speed change and acceleration changes the effect. for example 4x150=600m, but that’s not nearly as stressful as 4x30m block starts, 4x (20 easy 20 fast 20 easy), 4x 60m which gives you the same volume.

This is completely dependent on the athlete. Basically, if you are out there for speed work, then as soon as you start to slow down, go home. And this is the max you want to do. Often you may do less because of tapering, etc.

For some athletes, this may be at 2 x 5 x 30, for others, it may be 2 x 10 x 30m. It will vary based on the type of speed work (full out accelerations are quite taxing.) But the question you have to ask yourself is if you are running slower than your targets, then what is the point of throwing in another rep? You will drop into that no-man’s land of 75% - 90% intermediate work and it will make you worse off in the long run.

If you want to do more speed work per session, then this is something that you will have to build up to over many years.


Ok, so what about
3x3x20-30m (90-100%)
with 3 threepoints,3 blocks, 3 standing
Is that a ok seassion now, when the seasson starts in late may?
Thanks a lot for your answers…
(And what should be the recovery time?)

Recovery times should be at least 3 minutes between reps. You want to be totally fresh before doing the next sprint. As far as the volume, it is impossible to say. As long as you are running fast, continue with the session. When you start to slow down, stop.


Ok, thank you…