VO2 max

Have any of you guys done a VO2 max test if so what was ur score?

Well, Whats yours???

My polar Rs800sd says my Vo2 max is around 57


Was that on the treadmill, or did you use that Polar Age thing you were looking at a wk ago or so? Or what?

80 - thats pretty high!! With your speed - make a good 800m runner, and with your build, Just shoulder em out the way if you get boxed in… haha.

Yeh i used my friend polarage system, i have to admitt i am very fit this year too bad i cant show it. Did you use a treadmill?

Thats a very high score. What protocol did you use? , is it a predicted VO2max score.

i dont think its accurate thats why i ask, im fitter then ever but i doubt 80.1.

Whats your event?


You got good aerobic fitness for the 60/100. Thought about stepping up to the 1/4 mile ?

Those days are over, i ran the 400m and 300m hurdles in high school a couple times but im too big these days for the open 400. This has been my first year where i have kept a steady dose of tempo in my training. i knew my fitness levels were good after i did a tempo workout couple days ago 6x200 24-25 and it was easy after doing really nothing the past few weeks, its nothing special but good for me when looking back on my pervious training records.

From your training journal

Back squat: 535
Bench press 345 (not close to my pr because of joint issues).
3.20 SL

Some impressive numbers, you should run quick if you stay injury free.

Predicted score of 61 based on the 20m Multi-Stage Fitness Test. I’m 27 and reasonably fit, but I haven’t trained since almost destroying my ankle (baseketball) when I was 21.

Damn - 80 is exceptionally high!

It’s being said that Seb Coe had about 82, and he has run 1:41. So 80 is very impressive

Tim Noakes has a list in his book. 80.1 happens to be the value for Steve Scott. Other people over 80 include Jim Ryun, Steve Prefontaine, Said Aouita. and John Ngugi. Some of these people set WRs in distance events, but you don’t see people running 6.6 for 60. The truly fastest people in 800/1500 (this would be Coe, Morceli, Cruz, not sure about Kipketer’s sprint values) had 100m speed of around 10.6.

My feeling is that if a VO2max test is short enough, you might be able to “fake it” a bit with a stronger anaerobic capacity. Your lifting numbers are not what one would expect from someone on Noakes’ list, even for an experienced lifter like Coe (some of Seb’s lifting numbers can be seen in “Better Training For Distance Runners”).

Of course, if the number IS true, maybe you’re a natural 800 guy, and you might want to email Joaquim Cruz (he coaches world class 800 runners in San Diego).

Lance Armstrong recorded a VO2 of 85. I doubt 80.1 also.

Can’t really fake it. Various variables are measured during a VO2 test to know when your anaerobic system becomes dominant. You can run on the treadmill all day but when the data is printed it’s clear as to when your aerobic system stopped providing the energy.

I just got done reading Lance Armstrong’s book. After taking time off his VO2 was in the mid 60 range (so consider this his “natural” range if you will). It took him a couple weeks of riding hundreds upon hundreds of miles…per day…to get his VO2 up to the mid-80’s. Unless tamfb has a natural VO2 in the 70’s, I highly doubt doing some tempo is going to project him into a world class endurance athlete VO2 value.

Mine was 6.0 Liters per minute, on a treadmill with the computer and oxygen and all infront of a class of sports science students… that test took awhile…

Other stats from the test: my max BPM was 200 and I kept it for around 4 minutes before I asked to stop…

The next test I took the next day had something to do with "Lactic acid threashold " im not sure exactly, but they measured where is my steady state (when energy demands meet physiological supplies and basically u can run for a very long time in that state)

it was 13 KMH

All this has nothing to do with short sprints.

I agree with what you said about the lifting numbers but i know for fact that im not a natural mid distance runner i have always been that athlete who was always last in conditioning drills but i can say the constant tempo work this year has helped my fitness big time, im killing workouts that i use to struggle with.

What’s your mass? That’s a lot of O2.

On another note, any thoughts on whether my max BPM is worrisome? I’m athletic, but nothing special.
When I was 16 - 18 I could get it to 240. Now, at 27, it will get up to 220, and it will hover at 196-202 for 30-40minutes if I’m running pretty hard. My “stress-free” resting heart rate is about 40.