What is Vitex?

please research before posting…

Good for PMS.

If one of your buddies suggested you look into it he was probably pulling your leg. :o

well actually vitex reduces estrogen and increases test levels in males.

Where did you find that info out?

“vitex was believed to suppress libido and inspire chastity.” <<<Should be given to teenagers and rabits.

It was one of the things T-ad were promoting a couple of years ago and is one of the main ingrediants in their product M and who ever heard of a supplement company stretching the truth? :smiley:

M™ Anti-Estrogen/Testosterone-Support Formula is the first supplement designed to decrease estrogen and increase Testosterone, thus producing the ideal hormonal environment in the male body. The net effect is a perfect hormonal milieu for losing body fat, gaining muscle mass, and optimizing the male endocrine system.

M contains four super-powerful ingredients that synergistically work overtime to create the ultimate male body:

Trihydroxystilbene blocks estrogen at the actual receptor site in male breast tissue and other estrogen-sensitive tissues.

Tocotrienols work synergistically with estrogen blockers to dramatically increase the overall effect at the receptor, as well as through non-receptor mechanisms.

Calcium D-glucarate clears excess estrogen from the body by inhibiting the enzyme that's responsible for the activation of bound estrogen.

[b]Vitex agnus-castus increases the natural production of Testosterone and lowers prolactin levels, the hormone that's responsible for inducing lactation (even in males).[/b]

right from t-mag…should have qualified my statement with that info.

I just bought some vitex for my wife today. She’s been using it for a couple of years and really makes the ups and downs of the month smooth out. We’re both happier.

PS I don’t take it.

Dont take M, despite its advertising it will give you Gyno. If your a guy its simple stay away from Vitex.