vitamins b1/6/12 dosages

charlie mentions in the new forum review book that his runners are on a b1/6/12 combo. i was wondering what sort of dosages he or anyone else use for these. ive read the other threads on this, but all only tend to mention b12. are b1/6 essential/useful?

(stupid question time) and can someone tell me what the hell ZMA is? i hear about this supplement all the time, and how great it is.

ZMA is a mineral supplement. Zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6.
Zinc is supposed to keep testosterone levels up after a workout and when you sleep. And magnesium helps you fall asleep faster and get a better rest.
Pretty much it is a supplement to aid in recovery.
It is also relatively inexpensive under 25$.

Hey quick,

Have you yourself used or using ZMA?? Is it in pill or powder form?
Also, are you aware if there are any side effects from using ZMA, especially with perscriptions drugs?

thnx buddy!!

I’ve used ZMA myself and with client and I can vouch for it. It seems to improve sleep and does seem to affect training favourably. I am unaware of any contraindications.

Combine 3 capsules of ZMA on an empty stomach last thing at night with

1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet at lunch of this

and you will be feeling rather good :slight_smile:

You can get the Optimum Nutrition ZMA in Australia at good Healthfood stores. That big store in Chatswood has a good price. The Herron stuff you can get at Coles. It’s very cheap.

It will really help to make sure that you are producing as much testosterone as you can naturally. The Herron stuff is the best tribulus type supplement that I have taken. What probably helps is that they are a pharmaceutical company and the product is standardised.

pill form… Biotest. good stuff. no side effects.

thanks guys, dcw. :slight_smile:

how about vitamin b12? should i bother buying it or is ZMA and the herron product you reccomended enough for mere mortals?

yes get b-12… its for nervous system recovery. Theres nuthing in ZMA for that, however there is B-6 which i believe helps with relaxation.

Thnx guys,


if I wanted to find out if there was any contraindications with ZMA and perscriptions drugs (in my case SSRI’s) shoudl I contact the companies who make ZMA, like Snac, etc??? Keep in mind tho, that they are a company who is still looking to make money, so I am not so sure they would be 100% honest or at the very least will choose their words wisely, such as "as far as I know there is no evidence to show…

So, having said that, I would say go see a Dr., but the problem with that is some Dr’s dont know much about Sports Medicine and cannot address this problem. The only Sports medicine doctor that i know who helped me with my Shin problems when I first started track 12 years ago, is Dr. Micheal Clarfield who used to practice at the clinic inside the Track Centre at York University (I dunno if he’s still there). He is btw, the Toronto Maple Leafs physician. However, I dont know if he’s the right doctor to speak with. I dunno if I should talk to a psychiatrist, but they are not sport med. specialists…so I guess the best person to see would be a Sports Psychiatrist (not Psychologist), but I don’t know if they even exist, or where to find one.

So Charlie,

I guess the 2 main questions I would ask you are:

  1. What would you suggest would be the best course of action?
  2. Since I know you reside in Toronto and I’m from T.O., do you know of any Sports Medicine Doc’s that you would highly recommend??

I know this sounds a little like a tough one, so if you can’t answer, there’s no prob’s



For ZMA questions, I think you should contact the creators at SNAC. For sports medicine, I’d contact Dr Anthony Galea at the East Mall. For sports psychology (not psychiatry) I’d contact Dr Sue Wilson at York Univ.

Thanks Charlie. I have never heard of Dr. Galea before, but now at least i know where to go if I need sports med help (aside from Dr. Clarfield). Do you know him personally? Does he work with track atheltes etc?

As far as Dr. Sue Wilson, she knows me very well. I have taken her courses at York U (Relaxation courses where students learn about LSR (learning self regulation), which I am certified through her), she’s great so I know I can always get her help should I need it and in my case I may.


Eh, Charlie.

Dr. Galea worked on me one time. I went to Ofsaa with a PB of 11.3 then he worked on me for a couple weeks and I went to 10.9.

sounds great that the work helped, can you tell us what kind of work he did?? (if its not personal)


That Herron formula contains zinc in its least absorbable form of oxide.

Originally posted by Neospeed
That Herron formula contains zinc in its least absorbable form of oxide.

May be why its a good idea to take ZMA with it. Believe me, it works.

You know that ZMA is working when the hard on you wake up with in the morning lasts for the entire day :smiley:

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