Video of the mens 100 final from Sydney

Thanks to DanielC101 you can now download it from my site. Right click and save.

Thanks Thor. Where are the 110H races that were on your site recently to be found?

what is this about ? :confused:

Worlds Fastest Man (459mb)


On somebodys harddrive I guess. I have to routinely remove the files I put up, since I’m only allowed to use 200mb of space.

Thanxs a mil Thor !! I never mind sending videos but I got exams now so I wont have the time, I wont be online that much therefore it will take too long to reply to people’s requests. Its easier on me and everybody that wants the vid this way.

Thor, any chance you could put up some of those 110H races again for a brief time? :wink: They got deleted off my hard drive by accident :frowning:

Hey guys… How fast do you think Gail Devers would have run had she not drilled the last hurdle??

I hurts to watch man, feel sick watching it… Olympic gold?? nope…

A second thing, with Devers’ 92 fall, Perdita’s Athens final, and Joanna Hayes Helsinki finals crash… Considering these high profile crashes, is the case strengthened for raising the women’s 100mhurdle height a few inches? Does anyone have info about whether or not this is in the works?