Video Clips For Review

Charlie Francis Members,
It’s been around ten to twelve months now sprint training and after a summer in Texas, I have some clips for review. I’ve been able to improve from slow to average (7.6 to 7.1 in the 60 yd. dash for baseball) and look to keep improving. I find that I spend too much time on the ground, and my heel contacts the ground a great deal.

“7.1 Sprint”

The animated gifs, 3/4/7 are easiest to view for best frame by frame quality viewing. If your Windows Media Player can download an MPEG2 codec own its own you can watch 1/2. It should work.

I’m working on adding a moving sideview in the top speed phase of the race. I’ll have it up by the end of today.

Any comments/suggestions/what you see biomechanically/what you don’t see taking place and see in a good sprinter would be great.

Thanks so much,
–Smoot Carter

The link is dead

The link is live now.

Any comments and biomechanical thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Charlie and others (Tom Green- I have read your sprinting comments on Supertraining and find you highly knowledgable)-- do you mind commenting? I see that it works and 35 people have viewed it but haven’t commented.

Thanks in advance. I just need some peer review. Let me know if you need any other angles of the race, the full race, etc.


Charlie Francis Members,
I’ve finally put together some very viewable clips that are between 900 Kb and 1.1 Meg. They are in normal MPEG format for easy viewing.

Here are three views of a 60 yd. dash.

And for any video that you want to analyze, I recommend downloading the free Virtualdub program from We use this for high-frame actions like hitting and throwing.

You can run frames back and forth with your mouse to analyze movement patterns. Click on File, Open and open any MPEG. Any Athens 2004 video works great on it.

Hope to see some comments. It’s taken over 5 hours of computer work to get this up here in a viewable and easily downloadable format.

Thanks again,

It appears that you start well and seem to have your shoulders in a good position- but they rise and you seem to get tighter the farther you get into the run, when really you should be getting even more relaxed. Try setting a mark half way through the run as a reference point to concentrate on relaxing from the shoulders through to the finish and see if it helps.