VI Memorial Primo Nebiolo Torino 03-Jun-2005

VI Memorial Primo Nebiolo Torino 03-Jun-2005

Results	MEN

Official Result Men - 100 Metres - Race 1 Wind:+0.3m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Jarrett Patrick JAM 10.38
2 Dacastello Stefano ITA 10.42
3 Pacheco Bruno BRA 10.42
4 Sanou Idrissa BUR 10.56
5 Wesley DeMario USA 10.60
6 Ibrahim Amro Mustafa EGY 10.64
7 Loua Marius CIV 11.00
8 Dell’Aguila Federico ITA 11.01

Official Result Men - 200 Metres - Race 1 Wind:+0.1m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Johnson Joshua J. USA 20.35
2 Dzingai Brian ZIM 20.48
3 Pacheco Bruno BRA 20.81
4 Lambert Chris GBR 20.95
5 Emedolu Uchenna NGR 20.95
6 Cavallaro Alessandro ITA 21.14
7 Loua Marius CIV 21.68

Official Result Men - 400 Metres - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Clarke Davian JAM 45.52
2 Abubakr Nagmeldin Ali SUD 45.52
3 Milazar Eric MRI 45.54
4 Barberi Andrea ITA 45.92
5 Gillick David IRL 45.93
6 Nyongani Young Talkmore ZIM 46.19
7 Vallet Edoardo ITA 46.63
8 Laursen Jimisola SWE 46.80

Official Result Men - 800 Metres - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 dos Santos Osmar Barbosa BRA 1:45.36
2 Yiampoy William KEN 1:45.59
3 Yego Alfred Kirwa KEN 1:45.85
4 Lacasse Florent FRA 1:46.51
5 Letting Edwin KEN 1:46.66
6 Mutua Joseph KEN 1:47.62
7 Obrist Christian ITA 1:47.93
8 Adam Ali Adam Abdu QAT 1:48.54
9 Komen Jonathan KEN 1:52.10
Bashir Daham Najim QAT DNS
dos Santos Anderson Jorge BRA DNS

Official Result Men - 3000 Metres - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Lebid Sergiy UKR 7:42.94
2 Bitok Paul KEN 7:43.67
3 Kipngetich Robert Sigei KEN 7:43.97
4 Kosgei Joseph KEN 7:44.58
5 Chepkwony David KEN 7:44.60
6 Muli Pius KEN 7:45.09
7 Lagat Nathan KEN 7:45.76
8 Chenonge Hillary KEN 7:46.26
9 Absher Tessema ETH 7:46.76
10 Bekele Tariku ETH 7:47.05
11 Kiprono Justus Kipchirchir KEN 7:53.11
12 Slimani Kaddour MAR 8:00.38
13 Mamo Eshetu Gezhagne ETH 8:00.48
14 Ricatti Domenico ITA 8:13.44
Kilel David KEN DNS
Mubarak Tareq BRN DNS
Scaini Stefano ITA DNS
Tanui Philemon Kibet KEN DNS
Yagut Abel BRN DNS

Official Result Men - 110 Metres Hurdles - Race 1 Wind:+0.5m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Inocêncio Mateus Facho BRA 13.46
2 Wignall Maurice JAM 13.51
3 Giaconi Andrea ITA 13.68
4 Pizzoli Emiliano ITA 13.87
5 Bownes Shaun RSA 13.88
6 Giovannelli Luca ITA 14.13
7 Comencini Nicola ITA 14.28

Official Result Men - 400 Metres Hurdles - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 van Zyl Louis RSA 48.96
2 Keïta Naman FRA 49.02
3 Herbert Llewellyn RSA 49.42
4 Griffiths Dean JAM 49.61
5 Carabelli Gianni ITA 50.04
6 Mori Fabrizio ITA 50.06
7 Ottoz Laurent ITA 50.31
8 El-Idrissi Cédric SUI 50.81

Official Result Men - High Jump - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Sokolovskyy Andriy UKR 2.30
2 Ciotti Nicola ITA 2.26
3 Freitag Jacques RSA 2.23
4 Ukhov Ivan RUS 2.20
4 Wolski Robert POL 2.20
6 Ciotti Giulio ITA 2.20
7 Moroz Gennadiy BLR 2.20
8 Finesi Sandro ITA 2.05

Official Result Men - Triple Jump - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Wind
1 Oprea Marian ROM 17.37 +0.5
2 Zalaggítis Konstadínos GRE 17.17 +0.8
3 Burkenya Danila RUS 17.04 +0.2
4 Sardano Emanuele ITA 16.82 +0.4
5 Achike Onochie GBR 16.69 +2.2
6 Camossi Paolo ITA 16.50 +0.6
7 Taillepierre Karl FRA 16.32 +0.8
8 Morello Salvatore ITA 16.28 +0.5
9 Andersson Anton SWE 16.27 +0.5
Eriksson Martin SWE NM

Results	WOMEN

Official Result Women - 200 Metres - Race 1 Wind:0m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Campbell Veronica JAM 22.35
2 Dowdie Peta-Gaye JAM 23.04
3 Jones LaVerne ISV 23.53
4 Târlea-Manolache Ionela ROM 23.61
5 Allou Affoué Amandine CIV 23.77
6 Dia Fabe FRA 23.84
7 Graglia Daniela ITA 24.23
8 Thiam Amy Mbacke SEN 24.89

Official Result Women - 3000 Metres - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Jepchumba Rose KEN 8:59.87
2 Weissteiner Silvia ITA 9:09.66
3 Chepchumba Salome KEN 9:12.69
4 Romagnolo Elena ITA 9:18.11
5 Jumanne Zaituni TAN 9:24.66
6 Tschurtschenthaler Agnes ITA 9:29.51
Artuso Cristiana ITA DNS
Berlanda Eleonora ITA DNS
Dal Ri Federica ITA DNS
Marconi Gloria ITA DNS
Mrisho Zakia TAN DNS
Palmas Sara ITA DNS
Rungger Renate ITA DNS
Zanatta Michela ITA DNS

Official Result Women - 100 Metres Hurdles - Race 1 Wind:+0.9m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Jones LoLo USA 12.83
2 Kallur Susanna SWE 12.88
3 Kallur Jenny SWE 13.01
4 Bliss Andrea JAM 13.07
5 Okori Reïna-Flor FRA 13.20
6 Bosco Manuela FIN 13.79
7 Torres Iselda CUB 14.26
Faustin-Parker Nadine HAI DNF

Official Result Women - 400 Metres Hurdles - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Glover Sandra USA 54.40
2 Febbraio Surita RSA 55.35
3 Blackett Andrea BAR 56.08
4 Parris Debbie-Ann JAM 56.12
5 Niederstatter Monika ITA 56.65
6 Gulumyan Oksana RUS 57.94
7 Gentili Manuela ITA 58.89
Târlea-Manolache Ionela ROM DNF

Official Result Women - Triple Jump - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Wind
1 La Mantia Simona ITA 14.28 +1.2
2 Dimitráki Iríni GRE 14.10 +1.2
3 Biondini Silvia ITA 13.91 +1
4 Walker Shakeema USA 13.56 +0.9
5 O’Reilly Thaimi ITA 13.41 +1.3
Martínez Magdelín ITA DNS

Official Result Women - Discus Throw - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Grasu Nicoleta ROM 64.89
2 Pospíšilová-Cechlová Vera CZE 64.69
3 Antonova Olena UKR 62.27
4 Bordignon Laura ITA 56.13
5 Boyko Viktoriya UKR 55.48
6 Baratella Giorgia ITA 53.85
7 Checchi Cristiana ITA 50.86
8 Godino Giorgia ITA 49.36

Official Result Women - Javelin Throw - Race 1
Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Bani Zahra ITA 62.54
2 Obergföll Christina GER 60.27
3 Jakubaityte Indre LTU 58.25
4 Lyakhovych Tetyana UKR 55.17
5 Aava Moonika EST 54.72
6 Marin Elisabetta ITA 52.94

Campbell and Oprea are best performers in Turin GPII
Saturday 4 June 2005

An entertaining night of athletics in Turin, which was attended by the IAAF President Lamine Diack and by FIDAL (Italian Federation) President Franco Arese, produced some notable results like Veronica Campbell’s 22.35 in the 200 metres and Marian Oprea’s 17.37m in the Triple Jump.

200m meet record of Ottey beaten

Jamaica’s Veronica Campbell, 200m and 4x100m Olympic champion, highlighted the Memorial Primo Nebiolo - IAAF Grand Prix II - producing the third fastest time in the world this year behind Allyson Felix and Lawryn Williams, who are currently ranked first and second with 22.14 and 22.27. The 23-year-old Jamaican star had run a previous season best of 22.53 in Kingston on 7 May.

With her Turin GP 22.35 win Campbell, who is unbeaten in the 200 metres since 2000, collected her twenty-seventh consecutive win. It was also a new meeting record for Campbell who beat Merlene Ottey’s 22.75 set in 1995.

“Technically it was a very good race. Since the Olympic Games I have trained harder than in the past because the expectations are higher. After this race I fly back to the USA to compete in the 100 metres in New York on 11 June and then in the Jamaican Trials in Kingston.”

“I have not decided whether to tackle both the 100 and the 200 metres at the World Championships in Helsinki. In the past I felt I was more a 200 metres sprinter but now I think that I am strong over both distances,” said Veronica Campbell, a marketing student at the University of Arkansas.

Asked during the pre-event press conference how she feels when she is compared to Merlene Ottey, Campbell said: “To be compared to Merlene is wonderful because she has always been my idol.”

Season’s Best for Oprea

Marian Oprea leapt to a solid 17.37m in the Triple Jump taking his second Grand Prix win of the season after Doha where he won with 17.09m. Oprea took the lead from the beginning with 17.32m and improved in his second jump with 17.37m, setting his seasonal best.

Konstantinos Zalagitis of Greece jumped over 17 metres with 17.17m in his fourth attempt beating Olympic bronze medallist Danila Burkenya (17.04). Emanuele Sardano of Italy set a new PB of 16.82m for third.

“I am very pleased. Normally I start my season slowly, so it is a great beginning. I want to continue improving competition after competition and possibly approach my PB of 17.63 but more importantly I hope to remain injury-free,” said a delighted Oprea.

Former college basketball player Joshua Johnson of the USA ran 20.35 (a new meeting record) to win the 200 metres in the ninth fastest time in the world this year. On Johnson’s shoulders Brian Dzingai of Zimbabwe finished second with 20.48.

“The crowd pumped me. I ran my best time this year although I don’t think that I ran my best race. One reason for my good result is that I am now guided by Dennis Mitchell who is one of the best coaches in the world,” said Johnson.

Ukrainians grab wins in High Jump and 3000m

Andrey Sokolovsky of Ukraine, fifth at the Olympic Games in Athens, jumped 2.30 in his third attempt after clearing both 2.23 and 2.26 at the first try. The Ukrainian chose to skip 2.32 and 2.34 to try three attempts at 2.35 which would have earned him the meeting record but failed.

Nicola Ciotti cleared 2.26 in his second attempt before failing three tries at 2.28. World outdoor champion Jaques Freitag had to content with third place with 2.23 cleared in his third attempt.

It was a great night for Ukrainian athletics which claimed a second win thanks to Sergyi Lebid in the 3000 metres. The five-time European Cross Country champion played his waiting game in the first laps staying in the pack before launching his devastating kick to win in 7:42.94 over the Kenyans Paul Bitok (7:43.67) and Robert Sigei Kipnetich (7:43.97).

“This year I am guided by a new coach and I changed my training plans. I will go to St. Moritz tomorrow where I am planning to stay one month before the National Championships. I will run the 5000 metres at the Rome Golden Gala before the World Championships,” said Lebid.

Jones upsets Kallur sister in sprint Hurdles

The women’s 100 metres Hurdles produced one of the major upsets of the Turin Memorial Primo Nebiolo. Pre-meeting favourite Susanna Kallur of Sweden, European indoor champion in the 60 metres Hurdles in Madrid and second fastest in the world this year with 12.65 set in the Hengelo Grand Prix on Sunday, was beaten to the finish-line by US Lolo Jones who took first place in 12.83, five hundredths of a second better than the young Swedish star. Third was Susanna’s twin sister Jenny Kallur with 13.01.

“I had a terrible start. I was never very focused today, so this performance is disappointing. I will compete on 14 June in Gothenburg,” commented Susanna Kallur.

USA’s Sandra Glover took the women’s 400 metres Hurdles in 54.40, setting her second fastest time of the year after her 54.01 of Atlanta last 14 May. Glover’s 54.40 is the fourth best performance of the season. The clash with Olympic silver medallist Ionela Tirlea Manolache of Romania did not materialize as the Romanian pulled out a few metres after the start. South Africa’s Surita Febbraio finished second in 55.35 beating Andrea Blackett (56.08).

La Mantia take TJ win with no Martinez and no Smith

Italian Triple Jump star Magdelin Martinez was forced to pull out of the meeting because of a minor knee injury. She did not want to take any risk two weeks before the European Cup in Florence. Fortunately for Italian athletics the future of this discipline looks bright thanks to Simona La Mantia who took her second IAAF Grand Prix win in just five days with 14.28 after her 14.31 in Hengelo.

Another notable absence was that of World season leader Trecia Smith of Jamaica.

“I did not want to force because of some muscle pains,” said La Mantia, who holds the second best performance in the world this year with 14.69 beaten only by Trecia Smith’s 14.91.

“This win is very important although 14.28 is not a great result for me. I am sad that Magdelin did not compete because I know what she is feeling now after some injury problems during the season. She has always given me good advice. Winning two Grand Prix meetings in five days is a great achievement."

"My goals are the European Under-23 Championships in Erfurt and the World Championships in Helsinki. I hope to be invited to some great meetings abroad this summer to be recognized as a world class athlete in other countries. It would be a great experience. Competing in Hengelo was a great chance to get valuable experience as I competed for the first time without the assistance of my coach.”

The Turin night inspired another Italian athlete. Javelin thrower Zahra Bani smashed her PB from 59.10 to an amazing 62.54 to climb into fourth position in the world season list. Bani beat the German specialist Christina Obergföll, who took second spot with 60.27.

Van Zyl and Clarke take one-lap wins

The young South African revelation Louis Van Zyl, World junior champion in Kingston 2002, edged out Olympic bronze medal Naman Keita of France after a very close battle in the finish-line. Van Zyl clocked 48.96, six hundredths of a second faster than the French. Third was Llewellyn Herbert of South Africa in 49.42.

The men’s 400 metres race was a very close contest with the first three athletes in just two hundredths of a second. World Indoor silver medallist Davian Clarke of Jamaica clinched a very narrow win against Al Nagmeldin Abubakr of Sudan (World Youth champion in Sherbrooke 2003 and World Junior silver medallist in Grosseto 2004). Both ran the same time with 45.52. Two hundredths of a second behind was Eric Milazar of Mauritius who took third spot with 45.54.

Brazil clinched two wins with Osmar Dos Santos in the 800 metres and Mateus Inocencio in the 110 Hurdles.

Dos Santos, World Championships finalist in Paris 2003, grabbed the 800 metres men in 1:45.36 beating Kenya’s William Yampoi, runner-up in 1:45.59 and Alfred Kirwa Yego, third in 1:45.85.

Mateus Inocencio, Olympic finalist in Athens, won the 110 Hurdles in 13.46 over Jamaica’s Maurice Wignall (bronze at the World Indoor Championships in Budapest), second with 13.51 and Italian record holder Andrea Giaconi (13.68).

The high-level women’s Discus Throw with three Olympic finalists featured the win of Nicoleta Grasu of Romania with 64.89 over Vera Pospisilova of Czech Republic (64.69) and Olena Antonova (62.27).

Jamaica’s Patrick Jarrett, a training partner of 100 metres Olympic champion Justin Gatlin, took his second win in just two days after crossing the finish-line first in Milan on Wednesday.

Rose Jepchumba took the 3000 metres women in 8:59.87 in a race valid as a selection for a berth in the Italian team for the European Cup in Florence. Silvia Weissteiner, a surprising fifth placer at the European Indoor in the 3000 metres, booked her spot in the national squad thanks to her second place in 9:09.66.

Diego Sampaolo for the IAAF