Very very strange.

Last night I coughed and a puff of smoke or steam came out and I was left with a bad taste in my throat. This happened about two months ago two. Its very bizarre, does anybody know what this could be, or whether I should be concerned about it?


I don’t suppose you happened to have taken ZMA prior to this??

I get this, sometime, when I take ZMA. It seems that the capsule dissolves before it reaches your stomach, and the powder gets left in your throat, so when you cough, it comes up.

I know, I know, not very technical - but, I just trying to use plain english.

Cure - drink a glass of water with and after your ZMA

First thing that came to my mind was it must be winter but even then it would have to be freezing in your house in order for that to happen. I doubt its that. I guess it could be what OW said about ZMA (Iwouldnt know i havent taken ZMA).
My only question would be, do you breath fine when you wake up and cough? do you wheeze a little? Do you have asthma? An even better question might be, do you have chronic congestion (snius or chest) and use a humidifier in your room or as part of your furnace? (especially if its right next to you which is not what you want)

Yep, that’s it! Thanks, I’ll drink more water while taking it.


I thought my soul was trying to escape.