valery Borsov jump exercise

According to below web link, Valerey Borsov used this exercize.
Anyway… Wether he did or did not, do you think this is a good exercise?

And secondly, are there any other ways of training the glute-ham tie-in?
Whenever I start doing lunge / split squat type jumps and exercises, I allways end up pulling the right gluteal and getting repeat injuries.

Do reverse hypers of any deadlift stuff do it? what about the good morniing exercise? Is that just as good for the glute-ham fold? :confused:

Desperately needing an alternative exercise for that area of the body. All / any answers welcome.

Looking at that exercise, do YOU believe these claims? Do you think that the lady doing the exercise will develop more strength than if she squatted or did some other exercise? Why not try reverse hypers and SLDL?

i think snatch grip dl work the whole backside.

Not sure the lady in the pictures will approve of your suggestion.

I have seen this as used by another russian (name slips my mind now).

Anytime you are in a split stance with forward trunk lean, the hamstrings are stretched and you will be sore the next day. If you haven’t try this exercise. Your will feel it in the glute ham rregion the next day

Classic. :smiley: