'Undiscovered' Talent..?

While rumaging through the net for results around the globe, I stumbled across this race result:

1 Jacoby Ford USA 27.7.87

2 Michael Ray Garvin USA 29.9.86

3 Greg Bolden USA 30.6.84

4 Travis Padgett USA 13.12.86
6.68 =PB

5 Walter Dix USA 31.1.86

6 Atolani Akinkuoto USA 30.4.88
6.72 =PB

7 CJ Spiller USA
6.74 PB

This Jacoby cat is seriously moving…at 20 years old. From doing a Google on him I see he’s a America Football playing cat.


Anyone here hear of him before?

Yeah I’ve heard of him. He goes to clemson university. He’s been running low 6.6s since the beginning of the indoor season.

Hi Optimus…I’m impressed with this cat…thats for sure…know anything about the type of training he does? For example how he splits the AF and track? I’m very intruged with how the kids in the US swim in both pools (Track and AF) some with relative success. Is there a correlation between the type of training? Would that same success work with say Track and Rugby?


I don’t no much about him other than his perfomances. In my opinion, I think that the weight room work done for football helps them have relative success in football and track. As for rugby, I don’t know the kind of training that goes into rugby.

6.52 and he’s mentioned as a 4.4 guy. :wink:

Anyway, if Charles Foster is still sprint coach at Clemson, I know he (as recently as last year) stopped doing squats and bought one of those plyo leg press machines.

It has him down for a 4.126 forty yard dash here.

4.126 eh? Boy seems like they got a real accurate time for here. Is that 4.1259339548 hand timed?

Rugby has more of an endurance demand that American Football, that my two pence!

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LOL, but behind the joke that’s the deal with the 40 yd tests: They have zero value.

but yeah there are some seriously fast people playing football.

edit: ford was hs state champ in 100&200 in florida in 2005, 10.32 &21.25, but still this is a drop down to a 6.5. :eek:

fyi: he’s only 19…

flippin hilarious stuff