Twisted Ankle, help....

I twisted my ankle on Friday the 15th of Sep, and it has left me able to walk, but sometimes pain shoots through. i havent even tried running on it yet, and i dont want to.

basically im in a challenge with Rapsmvp, where i cant miss a workout for 6 weeks. im 2/6 way there. im on my third week. and basically i dont want to miss workouts because of this ankle.

so here are my questions, and i hope this gets answered quickly

1/ I should be able to do weights pretty easy, maybe go a bit lighter on squats or something so the pressure isnt great. should be ok?

2/ I am pretty sure tempo running and sprinting is out of the picture for a couple weeks, im not sure, but i dont want to risk further damage and injury. so what can i sub for sprinting and tempo without running the risk of further injury? maybe exercise bike or something?

thanks guys if you could answer them

Have you seen a doctor about it? Is there much swelling, thatll help dictate how bad the sprain is.

It all depends on how your body feels when you do certain exercises. Like you said stay away from any type of pounding runinng wise.

Upper body weights you can do, lower body you might be able to get away with some, again its how your leg, feels, i might stay away from squats as it puts extra pressure on the foot.

Water running for tempo always helps

Lots of elevated icing will help drain any fluid, reduce any inflamation and help you recover faster. Good luck.

the swelling isnt too bad, i dont think it requires a trip to the doctors…

umm water running is difficult because there isnt a open pool where i am. i like the idea, just cant undertake it.

thanks for the recovery idea, will try that.

anyone else, we have emlinated tempo pool training

take some anti-infamitory drugs and ice ice ice.
the mobility is going to be greatly limited but if the swelling is minimal, like you mentioned then you’ll fine fine in about 2 weeks