Tv To Relive Ancient Olympics

ATHENS, Nov 20 (AFP) - The ancient Olympic Games areto spring back to life for a television documentary togo on air just ahead of the 2004 Athens Olympics.
Teams from different nations sporting some tenathletes aged between 18 and 25 are to stage real competitions in the Games’ ancientbirthplace of Olympia, southern Greece, said CaroleSolive of French tv production company Gedeon Programmeson Thursday.
The programme named The Champions of Olympia’‘aims at allowing today’s athletes to revive the Games asthey used to be in classical Greece’’, Solive told AFP.
Real competitions in ancient Greek field and trackdisciplines are on the programme such as sprint andlong-distance races with and without weapons, discus,javelin, wrestling and pentathlon.
According to ancient custom, winners stand to winnothing more than a simple olive branch.
Each team will carry names of ancient Greekcity-states whose athletes competed in the Olympics from776 BC to 393 AD, when Byzantine emperor Theodosius, adevout Christian, banned the Games as a heathen event.
Television viewers expecting real-life replays of morespectacular disciplines such as chariot races andpancratium – a violent form of wrestling – will haveto be satisfied with mock replays, Solive said.
Athletes will also not appear naked, as ancient Greeksdid in a measure devised to prevent women, who werebanned from the religiously-tinged Games, from sneakinginto Olympia.
The number of teams participating has not beenfinalised yet, but Gedeon plans at least one francophoneteam, from France, Belgium and Switzerland, oneGerman-speaking delegation from Germany and Austria, aswell as athletes from Greece, Spain and Italy.
The show, budgeted at 2.8 million euros (3.3 milliondollars), will be aired by French-German publictelevision station Arte and Greek state television.Athletes will be filmed during their two-monthpreparation under the oversight of a coach. A scientificadvisor will be assigned to each team to make sureathletes stick to the ancient way of life and training,Solive said.
A wrestling school with its own sand ring is also tobe set up.

So the reason the greeks competed naked was to prevent females to sneak into the Olympia…
Nothing exposes present day man as his understanding of the ways and peoples of old.

As was once written by a Norwegian writer about the beliefs and views of his own time: “A May fly writes its memoirs.”

If they had them run naked they could televise it on FOX.

How many channels did the ancient Greeks have? Probably something primitive- like England, I suppose.